14 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sambong

Amazing Health Benefits Of Sambong

The health benefits of sambong is very popular in the Philippines. You can also call it the health benefits of Blumea balsamifera or Ngai camphor or a different spelling in sembong.

I usually boil its leaves and make sambong tea out of it in order to enjoy the many sambong health benefits.

Here are the health benefits of sambong that I’ve compiled all over the internet for you.

1. Sambong Is Diuretic And Detoxifies The Body

Drinking tea from sambong leaves can help you flush out excessive liquids through urine. In a way, it can help you prevent fluid retention in the body.

It is believed to have properties that help expel toxins in your body through feces, sweat, or urine.

2. Helps Prevent Liver Disease

Because sambong leaves help in detoxifying, in effect, it helps your liver to not overwork and protects it from various toxins that may cause liver damage.

Medications like paracetamol may be dangerous to your liver, and drinking sambong tea may help reduce the risk of having server damages to your liver.

Another great way of improving your liver health is by consuming oregano. You can find out more about oregano health benefits in this other article.

3. Sambong Lowers Blood Pressure

Because of sambong’s diuretic properties that help you flush out excess sodium from the blood, it indirectly helps you lower your blood pressure.

As you may have already known, too much sodium in your body increases blood pressure and hypertension.

4. Treats Fever

It seems that drinking sambong tea help reduce your fever.

You can also boil the leaves and use the water in your bath. I’ve tried using guava leaves when I was younger but I didn’t know that sambong leaves can also do this trick.

5. Sambong Delays Renal Failure

The Department of Health in the Philippines promotes the use of sambong tea to help dissolve kidney stones. This is most likely because of the phytochemicals or terpene present in sambong.

It is even being recommended to patients. Although more studies should be done because of the severity of this health issue, it makes you wonder that there must be something in here.

If they’ve seen good results in the past, then surely there is a reason for the recommendation of drinking sambong tea to renal patients.

6. Cures Sore Throat And Treats Coughs

Sambong is basically an organic expectorant.

It is said that sambong tea helps you get rid of mucus and phlegm as it cures your sore throat and helps you treat your coughs.

7. Sambong Relieves Oral Pain

It’s been noticed that sambong tea serves as an analgesic for dental patients after a dental operation.

Boil water with sambong leaves and make a tea out of it. When it’s warmer, you can gargle sambong tea. The pain should be now less if not entirely removed.

8. Relieves Menstrual Pain

There have been studies that show drinking sambong tea during the menstrual period helps women relieve some of the pain.

It can also help against bloating and stimulate blood flow in the pelvic region.

9. Sambong Relieves Stomach Ailments

There have been claims that sambong tea can help you relieve some stomach ailments like diarrhea, spasms, and stomach pain.

The sambong leaves contain a-terpineol, borneol, camphor, and caryophyllene oxide, all of which can help you soothe digestion and reduce diarrhea.

10. Prevents Diseases Caused By Bacteria And Fungi

Sambong leaves contain beta-carotene, cyptomeridiol, and lutein which are believed to help fight bacterial and fungal infections.

These can help prevent Bacillus subtilis, staphylococcus, and other harmful microbes from entering into your body.

11. Sambong Promotes Healing In Skin Wounds

Since sambong leaves contain antimicrobial agents, applying it as tea or power in skin wounds will stimulate a faster healing effect.

12. Good Source Of Antioxidants

Sambong is also rich in flavonoids and researchers have noticed at least 9 different flavonoids. These are the pigments in plants that act as antioxidants.

The antioxidants can help you fight cell damage caused by free radicals.

13. Sambong May Have Anti Cancer Properties

Since sambong contains quite a number of flavonoids, this also means that its fight against free radicals may result in a lower risk of cancer.

Sambong was also found to contain methanolic extract which may have therapeutic activity against hepatocellular carcinoma cells. This just means that sambong extracts may be able to help hepatoma cancer patients.

14. Rheumatism And Arthritis

You can boil the sambong roots and leaves and make tea out of it and drink it if you’re suffering from arthritis attacks.

You can also pound the roots and leaves and apply them topically as patches on the affected part of your rheumatism or arthritis attack. The oils in sambong will penetrate your skin and help reduce the symptoms of rheumatism.

I couldn’t find much research about this but the elders of our family and relatives have introduced using sambong against rheumatism and arthritis.


I first started drinking sambong tea when I was in high-school but I haven’t drunk it lately. It was suggested to me as I was suffering from arthritis attacks as early as my high school years.

This will be my favorite health benefit of sambong because I suffer from arthritis. Another one which I always look for is that it is a good source of antioxidants too like other superfoods.

I’ve only experienced good things with sambong but you should always take precautions when consuming foods that are not in your regular diet. You should ask your health professional if it’s OK for you to consume sambong.

It’s unlikely but you may have allergic reactions to it. You should lean on the safer side. But I hope that you can also get the many benefits of sambong.

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