Hello! I’m Artchee and this website is all about how the different wonder foods can help us live healthier.

I decided to create this website because I discovered that turmeric is a good herb for my arthritis issue.

I also learned that turmeric is not just good at handling arthritis issues, but is also very good with other health problems.

While researching more about turmeric, I came across many other “wonder” foods that could be beneficial for us that I would also like to share with all the readers of my website.

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More disclaimer here. If I haven’t mentioned it in my articles, I’m not a health professional.

You could say that I’m a health enthusiast about the different health benefits foods can give us.

In terms of my health level, I would say it’s pretty low so I decided to look around and collect as much information I see online that can help me improve it through natural methods.

I would be happy if my articles inspire you to live healthier and help you in any way to improve your health as well.

But you should always talk to your doctor before applying any of my suggestions to the articles I’ve written.

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