6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Motherwort

Amazing Health Benefits Motherwort

Let’s check and see the health benefits of motherwort. It is also called Leonurus cardiaca, throw-wort, lion’s ear, and lion’s tail.

I’ve created a list of the health benefits of motherwort. These are what I’ve heard and read online.

1. Motherwort Aids In Keeping The Heart Healthy

There are many pieces of research online that showed motherwort is able to contribute to keeping your heart healthy.

One research will tell you that it has cardiac-protective qualities. This means that it can help relax your heart cells and prevent blood clots that may result in heart attacks.

Another study showed that the antioxidants in motherwort may help the heart from oxidative damage.

Motherwort has also been seen to treat heart palpitations and high blood pressure caused by anxiety attacks and other nervous disorders.

2. Has Antioxidant Properties

Motherwort has been determined to contain plant-based compounds with antioxidants.

These include flavonoids, sterols, tannins, and triterpenes.

Antioxidants help your body fight free radicals that cause different diseases.

3. Motherwort May Support Kidney Health

Motherwort is a mild diuretic.

This means that it can promote the production and flow of urine. This helps in flushing out unwanted waste and water in your body.

In effect, it may be able to relieve some of the work stress your kidneys are experiencing.

Another diuretic plant is damiana. You can check my article about its health benefits here.

4. May Have Analgesic Qualities

Studies have seen that the extracts of motherwort showed analgesic properties.

This could be the reason why folk medicine uses motherwort to relieve pain and inflammatory disorders.

5. Motherwort Helps With Inflammations

As mentioned earlier, motherwort is used for inflammatory disorders.

It is said that this herb is able to lessen the number of compounds that promotes inflammations.

This could be good for controlling different inflammatory diseases.

6. May Treat Anxiety

Motherwort has a calming effect on your nervous system.

This can be helpful if you’re experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, and stress. Some even say that it’s as good as using valerian.

Motherwort can be a good mood-uplifter to fight the feeling of depression.


Not much is said about motherwort’s health benefits and these are just the ones I think are of value.

It seems that this particular herb is uncommon and not highly-studied so you should take caution in consuming it.

It is best to talk first to your doctor or health professional about using motherwort.

As for my favorite health benefit, I’ll go with its antioxidant properties. I think that it’s really beneficial if we take into consideration the antioxidant properties of the food we eat.

What motherwort health benefit do you think is the best?

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