9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tagulinaw

Amazing Health Benefits Tagulinaw

Hello beautiful Monday and it’s the day to know more about the health benefits of tagulinaw.

I’m also not that familiar with the tagulinaw plant but for you, you may know it better for its other names like Cyanthillium Cinereum, vernonia cineream, agas-moro, little ironweed, and poovamkurunnila.

It is a flowering plant that’s part of the sunflower family.

Here is my list of the health benefits of tagulinaw.

1. Tagulinaw Is Diuretic

The roots of tagulinaw are considered to be diuretic.

This can be helpful in normalizing the excretion of toxins and unwanted wastewater through urinating.

2. Has Antipyretic Qualities

Tagulinaw has been used traditionally to reduce fever.

This is because it has antipyretic qualities which just means that it is able to reduce your body’s temperature whenever you have a fever.

3. Tagulinaw Promotes Perspiration

Hindus use tagulinaw to promote perspiration.

This can be one of the factors that give this flowering plant its antipyretic effect.

Perspiring is also a good way to release toxins out of your body.

4. Helps Heal Wounds

The flowers and the leaves of tagulinaw are used to help cure or heal your cuts and wounds.

It’s been considered traditionally as being a styptic agent which can stop bleeding.

Besides this, it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities that can prevent infections and swelling of your wound.

5. Tagulinaw Treats Some Skin Diseases

The water from boiling the leaves of tagulinaw can be used for your bath to treat eczema.

Making a poultice from this plant can be used to treat carbuncle.

If you’re looking for a fruit that can help with your skin’s health, you should check my article about the health benefits of kamias.

6. Has Antimicrobial Properties

Tagulinaw is also claimed to have antimicrobial properties that work well as a natural antibiotic.

It is used in India to treat diseases caused by bacteria like conjunctivitis, dropsy, and urinary disorders.

7. Tagulinaw Has Anti-inflammatory Properties

The alcoholic extracts from the flower of tagulinaw have been tested on rats to check how it will respond to the animals’ arthritic conditions.

They’ve observed positive effects that showed the plant’s anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory qualities.

The study looks promising but more research should still be done since there are still no very specific reasons for the observed effects.

8. Relieves Aches In Your Body

Different parts of tagulinaw can help relieve aches in your body.

Make a poultice from its leaves to reduce headaches.

While a decoction made with tagulinaw leaves can help with your stomach aches as well as diarrhea.

9. Tagulinaw Helps Treat Respiratory Disorders

Tagulinaw has been traditionally used to cure or treat coughs.

In Thailand, the leaves are even used to treat your asthma and bronchitis.


Well, these are just some of the health benefits from tagulinaw that both you and I can get.

I honestly don’t think that I’ll be able to consume or use this unless I look for tagulinaw supplements.

But for my choice for the best health benefit of tagulinaw on my list, I definitely will choose its anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Just an update, It’s been about 1 ½ month now that I haven’t been attacked by my arthritis. All I did was to cut down on my chicken consumption.

I just had to put it in there.

What about you, what’s the health benefit of tagulinaw do you think will you need the most?

Tagulinaw is quite uncommon for us I believe, so make sure to consult first with your doctor or health professional before consuming it for its health benefits.

By the way, please share this article with someone you know who may find value in it too. Thank you!

Stay strong everyone as we’re still going through this pandemic.

Image Source: wikimedia.org

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