11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kamias

Amazing Health Benefits Kamias

It’s a beautiful Monday and to start the week, let’s talk about the health benefits of Kamias.

Even my spell-checker doesn’t even know kamias. So for those who do not know, kamias is also known as Averrhoa bilimbi, bilimbi, cucumber tree, and tree sorrel.

It’s actually a kamias tree the bears the kamias fruit.

This is my list of the health benefits of kamias.

1. Kamias May Help Treat Hemorrhoids

Kamias seems to have anti-inflammatory effects that can be helpful in treating hemorrhoids or piles.

It is able to reduce the swelling, reduce bleeding, and lessen some pain.

2. May Help Manage Diabetes

Kamias has been traditionally known for being able to assist in reducing your blood sugar level.

Eating its fruits when in the season may help you with your current diabetes condition.

3. Kamias Helps Treat Fever And Flu

Kamias is another natural home remedy that can help you with your symptoms of fever and flu.

You can make an infused water drink from kamias flower to deal with your coughs and colds.

The vitamin C present in Kamias can also be helpful in improving your immune system to heal faster or reduce the risks of being sick in the first place.

4. May Help Prevent Obesity

In India, people traditionally consume kamias as a way to control or prevent obesity.

They say that this fruit has antihyperlipidemic qualities.

This means that kamias is able to help in treating high levels of fats or lipids. It’s similar to cholesterol-lowering drugs or medicines.

In one way or the other, kamias can help you lose weight.

A good vegetable that can help you with your weight loss goals is pechay. You can read my article about the health benefits of pechay here.

5. Kamias Has Analgesic Qualities

Kamias has been used as a home-made pain killer for generations.

It’s been used to reduce the pain and stress in your muscles.

You just need to make a paste out of the kamias leaves by pounding or grinding them. And then apply directly to the parts that are aching or in pain.

6. Has Antibiotic Effects

In more traditional medicine, kamias has been used together with garlic as a natural antibiotic.

You can just mash and combine the 2 together to make a paste and use it for different purposes.

7. Kamias May Help Treat Swollen Joints

Kamias has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities which are very helpful in conditions that can lead to having swollen joints.

It can be both relieve some pain as well as relieve the swelling in your joints.

This can be very helpful with people suffering from arthritis, gout, and rheumatism. Just like me.

8. May Help Treat Allergies

There are several claims out there that kamias can be used to treat and prevent allergies.

It can relieve allergic symptoms like some difficulty in breathing, itching of the skin, redding of the eyes, and runny nose.

Drinking it as kamias juice may help you consume it more regularly as it will seem to be a more tasty and refreshing way.

9. Kamias Stronger Bones And Teeth

Kamias is a good add-on or alternative if you need a change in some foods in your diet without sacrificing calcium intake.

Kamias is a source of both calcium and phosphorus which are minerals that contribute to keeping your bones and teeth healthy.

10. May Help Control Hypertension

Hypertension is just another term for having high blood pressure.

If you ask the older generation like your grandfathers and grandmothers, they may probably know that kamias helps you reduce your high blood pressure.

Drinking a glass of kamias juice may go a long way with regards to your hypertension condition.

11. Kamias Improves Skin Health

Oxalic acids and vitamin A in kamias are good for reducing the appearance of acne and pimples.

While vitamin C in the fruit makes your skin brighter and tighter.

You can get these benefits by either consuming kamias regularly or using the mashed kamias fruit as a face mask.

Kamias paste can also be used for treating insect bites.


There you have it. The many health benefits of kamias that I’ve collected all over the web.

I’m very familiar with kamias because up to now, we still have our kamias tree behind our house.

We usually eat it raw with salt or use it for cooking as a souring agent.

Because one of the health benefits of kamias is that it’s helpful in relieving joint swelling and pain, this is my pick from the list.

Let me know, what’s your best pick on the list of the health benefits of kamias?

Do you know someone who can benefit from my list? Please share it with them. Thank you!

Just to be sure, you should always check first with your doctor or medical professional if you’re thinking of consuming something like kamias for its health benefits.

Take care everyone and stay healthy.

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