15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lemon Balm

Amazing Health Benefits Lemon Balm

It’s an awesome day to identify some of the health benefits of lemon balm.

Lemon balm is a member of the mint family and is used to flavor teas and other products.

It’s even incorporated into ice cream.

Here is a list of the health benefits of lemon balm.

1. Lemon Balm May Help Manage Diabetes

Many antioxidant-rich herbs, such as lemon balm, also promote blood sugar balance.

According to animal studies (Lemon Balm Extract Causes Potent Antihyperglycemic And Antihyperlipidemic Effects), lemon balm may promote normal blood sugar levels.

There are other culinary herbs like kudampuli that can help manage diabetes.

I’ve written an article about the health benefits of kudampuli here.

2. May Assist Manage Alzheimer’s Disease

Citral in lemon balm extract has been shown in studies to inhibit cholinesterase, a brain enzyme.

It raises acetylcholine levels, a brain chemical required for memory and learning.

Drugs used to treat Alzheimer’s disease also inhibit this enzyme.

They help to improve thinking and memory by doing so.

Lemon balm may also help to prevent the formation of plaques in the brain, which is linked to the progression of the disease.

You can read more about the study I mentioned here (Melissa Officinalis Extract In The Treatment Of Patients With Mild To Moderate Alzheimer’S Disease).

3. Lemon Balm May Aid In Relieving Headaches

Lemon balm may also be beneficial in the treatment of headaches, particularly those caused by stress.

Its calming properties can assist you in relaxing your muscles, releasing the tension, and unwinding.

4. May Enhance Sleep

Lemon balm has been shown in studies to help improve sleep when combined with herbs such as valerian.

Drinking lemon balm tea can also help with insomnia.

5. Lemon Balm May Reduce Toothache

Lemon balm is used to treat toothaches at home.

Its pain-relieving and relaxing effects could have played a role in this.

It is also said to have beneficial anti-inflammatory properties.

However, because these are anecdotal claims, more research is required.

6. May Enhance Skin Health

The queen of Hungary was said to use the lemon balm on her face to make her look younger decades ago.

It is still used today to improve the appearance of skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Lemon balm also contains volatile components like caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, and rosmarinic acid, all of which work together to support the body’s natural response to the harmful organisms that cause lip blemishes.

7. Lemon Balm May Boost The Immune System

Lemon balm tea has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties.

These boost the immune system and keep the body safe from antigens and infections.

8. May Help Lessen Anxiety

Lemon balm can help reduce anxiety and nervousness if you need to relieve stress.

According to some studies, lemon balm extract can improve one’s mood and attention.

A study discovered that chemicals found in lemon balm called terpenes can help calm agitation in people with severe dementia by reactivating brain circuits.

9. Lemon Balm May Enhance Respiratory Health

Lemon balm has antitussive properties, which aid in cough suppression.

Its expectorant properties aid in the removal of unhealthy phlegm.

A cup of hot lemon balm tea can help relieve nasal congestion, persistent dry cough, running nose, and shortness of breath.

10. Contains Powerful Antioxidants

Lemon balm is high in antioxidants, which help protect cells from free radicals.

According to research, eugenol and rosmarinic acid promote healthy brain aging.

Caffeic acid, ferulic acid, and quercetin are examples of powerful antioxidants that can be found in lemon balm.

If you need further reading on this, you can check this published research (Antioxidant Capacity And Total Phenolic Contents Of Lemon Balm).

11. Lemon Balm May Support Cardiovascular Health

Lemon balm aids in the elimination of bad cholesterol from the body, which helps to reduce artery stiffness.

The herb is also known for its ability to lower blood pressure.

Lemon balm helps to prevent cardiac diseases by promoting healthy blood circulation throughout the body.

It effectively prevents cholesterol deposition in blood vessels.

12. May Aid With Digestive Concerns

Lemon balm compounds may help with gastrointestinal issues like acid reflux, bloating, indigestion, and irritable bowel syndrome.

13. Lemon Balm May Help Detoxify Your Body

Lemon balm detoxifies the blood by removing antigens such as dioxins, heterocyclic amines, methylmercury, and strontium.

With its powerful antioxidant properties, it also destroys harmful free radicals. The detoxification process is carried out by increasing the antioxidant activities of the liver.

Toxins are then rendered harmless and eliminated from the body via excretion.

14. May Support Liver Health

Lemon balm has been shown in animal studies (Effects Of Different Doses Of Melissa Officinalis And Atorvastatin On The Activity Of Liver Enzymes) to protect the liver from some of the negative effects of an unhealthy diet.

Lemon balm also promotes the production of two important antioxidants in the liver, glutathione and superoxide dismutase.

15. Lemon Balm May Improve Oral Care

Lemon balm essential oil’s antimicrobial properties aid in the fight against bacteria and germs that live inside the mouth and attack the enamel of the teeth, gums, and roots.

It can help protect the mouth against dental problems such as bleeding gums, gum boils, mouth ulcers, oral infections, and other dental issues.

Lemon balm tea, when consumed regularly, keeps the mouth fresh and prevents stale breath.


These are just a few of lemon balm’s health benefits.

Lemon balm has anti-inflammatory properties, but not to the extent that it can be used to treat arthritis symptoms.

My favorite health benefit of lemon balm is that it is high in antioxidants. If you know a lot of antioxidants, you know how important they are in protecting your body from various diseases.

Which of the following health advantages is most important to you?

If you’re thinking about using lemon balm to treat a health problem, please consult your doctor first.

Several culinary herbs and spices have health benefits as well. Additional examples of these are shown here.

I appreciate your time reading this, and please take care of yourself.

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