19 Potential Health Benefits Of Cat’s Whiskers Herb

Amazing Health Benefits Cats Whiskers

Now is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the health benefits of cat’s whiskers.

What is cat’s whiskers?

Cat’s whiskers, or Orthosiphon aristatus (scientific name, and is also synonymous Orthosiphon stamineus), is an herb that grows in Southeast Asia.

It is in the family Lamiaceae and is also known as java tea plant or kumis kucing.

It has been widely used for hundreds of years as a diuretic, antiseptic, and pain reliever in traditional medicine.

Tea made from the leaves has been used for a long time to treat urinary tract infections and stomach problems.

Orthosiphols, tannins, saponins, and flavonoids are said to be what make a cat’s whiskers work.

Studies have shown that these compounds can help reduce inflammation throughout the body.

They can also help you lose weight, improve the health of your kidneys, lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, and improve your overall health.

Research shows that drinking one to two cups of cat’s whiskers tea every day may be good for your health in many ways.

Here’s a list of the health benefits of cat’s whiskers.

  1. Cat’s whiskers could help reduce swelling.
  2. This herb help with gum problems.
  3. Cat’s whiskers may strengthen the immune system.
  4. May help people with breathing problems.
  5. Cat’s whiskers may be able to kill germs.
  6. Could help with back pain.
  7. This kidney tea plant is widely used for its antioxidant effects.
  8. Could be able to kill fungi.
  9. There are a lot of phytonutrients in cat’s whiskers.
  10. May have diuretic properties.
  11. Skin problems could be helped by a cat’s whiskers.
  12. May help with bladder issues.
  13. Cat whiskers might help keep blood pressure in check.
  14. May be good for the kidneys.
  15. Arthritis could be helped by cat’s whiskers.
  16. May help with detoxification.
  17. Diabetes may be easier to manage with cat’s whiskers.
  18. Could help you lose weight.
  19. Colds and fevers could be treated with a cat’s whiskers.

Please keep reading if you want to find out more.

1. Might Help Reduce Swelling (My Preferred Health Benefit Of Cat’s Whiskers)

Researchers think that the active compounds in cat’s whiskers, such as polyphenols, flavonoids, and rosmarinic acid, can help reduce inflammation when the herb is eaten.

It is thought that these compounds work by stopping certain enzymes from making the body make molecules that cause inflammation.

2. May Treat Gums Issues

People have used cat’s whiskers to ease gum pain and swelling.

This herb may be a good alternative to over-the-counter medications for your gum problems.

3. Cat’s Whiskers Might Make The Immune System Stronger

Recent studies have shown that cat’s whiskers can help keep the immune system healthy and improve overall health.

People think that the good effects of these plants on the body come from the active compounds they contain.

Flavonoids, polyphenols, and essential oils are some of these compounds.

When they work together, they provide a wide range of health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory properties, better digestion, and a stronger immune system.

Some researchers think that drinking cat’s whiskers tea may even lower stress, which can make us less likely to get sick by making our natural defenses stronger.

4. This Medicinal Herb May Help Respiratory Conditions

Cat’s whiskers have been used to treat some respiratory conditions like asthma and cough.

If you are interested in herbs or natural ways to treat these problems, you might want to learn more about cat’s whiskers.

5. Cat’s Whiskers May Have Antibacterial Properties

Compounds in cat’s whiskers that kill bacteria include phenols and caffeic acid.

These can be helpful in preventing the growth of bacteria and killing the ones that have already grown.

Applying cat’s whiskers to minor cuts, bruises, and wounds can prevent some types of infections.

African mangoes may have antibacterial properties as well. Click here to learn more about why it’s good for your health.

6. May Help Relieve Back Pain

If you always have back pain, you should drink cat’s whiskers tea every day.

If you do some exercises at the same time, this could help reduce or even get rid of your back pain.

7. Cat’s Whiskers Contains Antioxidants

It has been found that cat’s whiskers have antioxidants that help fight off free radicals.

In effect, it stops or reduces damage to cells and keeps them healthy for longer.

📚 Antioxidant And Anti-Inflammatory Effects Of Orthosiphon Aristatus And Its Bioactive Compounds

8. May Have Antifungal Properties

Researchers have found that cat’s whiskers have antifungal properties that will help prevent and treat fungal infections.

Alkaloids, polysaccharides, and terpenes are all parts of this herb that can help fight fungal infections.

9. Cat’s Whiskers Contains A Good Amount Of Phytonutrients

This amazing herb is full of phytonutrients, which are very important for keeping your body healthy and preventing a number of diseases.

Some of these phytonutrients are:

  1. Flavonoids
  2. Phenols
  3. Saponins
  4. Tannins
  5. Terpenoids

10. May Help With Urination

Cat’s whiskers tea can be consumed to facilitate urination.

This is because the herb has a diuretic effect.

This could help older people who have trouble going to the bathroom.

Kola nuts are also a diuretic. Find out more about why it’s good for your health by clicking here.

11. Cat’s Whiskers May Help Treat Skin Problems

Cat’s whiskers tea or a poultice made from its leaves can help with some skin problems.

It can be useful in treating acne, athlete’s foot, and eczema.

12. May Treat Bladder Problems

Cat’s whiskers help clean out your bladder.

This can help you keep your bladder healthy and avoid problems with it in the future.

13. Cat’s Whiskers May Help Regulate Blood Pressure

It’s been said that cat’s whiskers are one of those herbs that have the ability to regulate or decrease high blood pressure.

It could be the combination of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities present in this herb that’s responsible for giving it an antihypertensive effect.

Methylripariochromene is also in cat’s whiskers and can decrease systolic blood pressure in rats, according to a research study.

If you have irregular or high blood pressure, drinking a cup or two of this herbal tea on a regular basis may help.

📚 Antihypertensive Actions Of Methylripariochromene A From Orthosiphon Aristatus, An Indonesian Traditional Medicinal Plant

14. May Aid In Kidney Health

There are a few studies that will tell you that cat’s whiskers are able to eliminate kidney stones.

This is probably why it is also called kidney tea.

It can treat and stop bladder infections, kidney infections, and infections of the urinary tract.

📚 Phytochemical Profile Of Orthosiphon Aristatus Extracts After Storage: Rosmarinic Acid And Other Caffeic Acid Derivatives

15. Cat’s Whiskers May Help Treat Arthritis

Some people who have arthritis or rheumatism say that cat’s whiskers are a good natural home remedy for the pain and swelling they feel.

It may also work well with gout because it seems that this herb has the ability to help flush out or remove the uric acid in your body.

Aidan fruit might also be good for treating arthritis. Click here to learn more about why it’s good for your health.

16. May Help In Detoxification

Cat’s whiskers have been consumed for their cleansing properties.

It’s an herb that’s a good natural cleanser of toxins and unwanted foreign substances in your body.

17. Cat’s Whiskers May Help With Diabetes Management

There have also been reports that cat’s whiskers can help lower blood sugar levels.

This can be helpful for people who are managing their diabetes condition.

📚 Rationale Of Orthosiphon Aristatus For Healing Diabetic Foot Ulcer

18. Could Aid In Weight Loss

Cat’s Whiskers is sold with an extra health benefit on top of all its other benefits.

One of these is that it can contribute to losing some weight.

Even though this is not a very well-known health benefit of this herb, some people still use it to lose a few pounds.

19. Cat’s Whiskers Could Be Used To Treat Colds And Fever

Recent studies have shown that this herb might be helpful in treating colds and fevers.

Cat’s whiskers is thought to help with these conditions because it has anti-inflammatory compounds in it.

Also, some studies suggest that if you take it regularly while you’re sick, it could cut the length of colds and fevers by up to four days.

Saponins, which may help stop viral infections, are thought to be cat’s whiskers’ most important active ingredient.

📚 A Review On Extraction Techniques And Therapeutic Value Of Polar Bioactives From Asian Medicinal Herbs: Case Study On Orthosiphon Aristatus, Eurycoma Longifolia And Andrographis Paniculata


Have you ever heard of cat’s whiskers before?

I don’t remember ever seeing it or using it before.

However, these are some good health benefits of cat’s whiskers that you and I should know about.

I even found out that it’s specifically used to remove the uric acid in your body.

This is very good for my gout condition.

So this will be my pick for the best health benefit of cat’s whiskers.

It has the ability to treat arthritis and flush out uric acids.

How about you?

What’s your pick?

Please make sure to talk first with your doctor or other medical professional if you’re thinking of using cat’s whiskers for its health benefits.

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