9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Yacon

Amazing Health Benefits Yacon

It’s another pleasant day to talk about the health benefits of yacon.

I think you’re already familiar with yacon, but for those who aren’t, it’s also called yakon, Peruvian ground apple, Jicama, and Smallanthus sonchifolius.

This is my list of the health benefits of yacon.

1. Yacon May Help Lower Down Blood Pressure Levels

Although yacon is known to have a limited amount of nutrients, there are articles that will tell you that it’s a good source of potassium.

Potassium is a key nutrient that can lower your blood pressure because it is able to relax your blood vessels for better blood flow or circulation.

2. May Help Manage Diabetes

Yacon has been found to have anti-hyperglycemic effects which can be beneficial to people who are suffering from diabetes.

According to a published study, yacon has fructooligosaccharides.

It is able to lower glucose production in your liver and fasting glucose rates.

Also, it’s been mentioned that eating yacon roots can help you prevent the absorption of simple sugars.

Yacon syrup can also be used as an alternative sweetener.

3. Yacon Improves Digestion

Yacon is a good source of fiber which is helpful in easing the digestive process.

It can also help you prevent or relieve certain digestive disorders like constipation and diarrhea.

Another thing, yacon is considered to be prebiotic. It boosts the effectiveness of probiotic bacteria in your gut which leads to better nutrients absorption.

This can lead to better overall health as you reduce the risk of having nutrient deficiencies.

4. Helps With Cholesterol Levels

In a conducted research, they’ve found out that consuming yacon is able to decrease triglyceride and low-density lipoprotein levels.

The same fructooligosaccharides mentioned before are able to stop the accumulation of bad cholesterol as well as lower lipid levels.

5. Yacon Has Antifungal Properties

Yacon leaves are believed to have antifungal qualities.

It’s been used to treat different kinds of fungal infections like athlete’s foot.

6. Helps With Losing Weight

Adding yacon to your regular diet can potentially help you lose weight in the long run.

It has a high fiber content with low calories.

This can make you fuller faster while aiding in building up your caloric deficit to lose weight.

7. Yacon Is Good For Your Cardiovascular Health

Yacon is considered to be a food that’s good to your heart.

Its effects can lead to better cardiovascular health like its ability to reduce bad cholesterol levels and lessen blood pressure levels.

8. Helps In Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Yacon, together with milk thistle has been found to be helpful in keeping your liver healthy according to this research.

When the 2 are combined, it is able to help prevent the accumulation of fat in your liver.

In effect, it keeps your liver healthier and functioning properly.

Btw, I have here an article about the health benefits of milk thistle that you may want to also read.

9. Yacon May Boost Testosterone

There was a study conducted on animals using yacon syrup.

The study was able to show that yacon extracts were able to improve serum testosterone levels and sperm count on these animals.

Although more studies need to be conducted, it’s a positive sign for people suffering from low levels of testosterone.


These are some of the health benefits of yacon. There are more but I think these are the most notable ones.

I’ve eaten a lot of root crops but I don’t think I’ve ever tried yacon before. This would’ve been great to check or test if I can lose weight from it.

My favorite health benefit of yacon is that it can improve your digestion. Not only that, but it’s also even called a prebiotic.

What’s your best health benefit of yacon on the list?

As always, please make sure to talk it over first with your doctor or health professional if you’re keen on eating yacon for its health benefits.

Please share this article with a friend or acquaintance who you know can benefit from it. Thank you!

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