Turmeric Health And Beauty Benefits

Health And Beauty Benefits of turmeric

In case you are reading this article, you have presumably learned of the tremendous turmeric health and beauty advantages. You would like to understand more on how this flavor can profit you and your family with its recommended daily amount.

That’s understandable. After all, the wonders of turmeric seem to be showing up everywhere these days. It’s involved in at least 8 different studies at the National Institutes of Health and prominent naturopaths quote its effectiveness in many more.

Turmeric comes from a plant native to India. It’s a bright yellow spice and found at any grocery store though you can find tinctures at health food stores. Commonly used in Indian cooking, scientists are now giving it credit for the lower rates of cancer and Alzheimer’s found in India.

It’s the curcumin in the plant that’s the active pharmacology agent. Curcumin gives the turmeric its yellow color and you want to make sure you’re getting plenty of it in your diet.

So, what are some of its benefits?

Turmeric Health And Beauty Benefits

Protect Against Cancer

It may protect against cancer. Researchers at Kansas State University found it can reduce carcinogenic compounds in fried and grilled meat by up to 40%.

At the University of Texas, researchers found it can inhibit the spread of breast cancer to the lungs.

Currently, it’s involved in multiple cancer studies around the country. Preliminary research shows it may be especially effective with cancers of:

– colon
– Pancreatic
– Breast and lung.

In fact, each of these cancers is 10 times lower in some parts of the world like India where turmeric is eaten on a regular basis.

It’s A Cox-2 Inhibitor

Osteoarthritis patients have used it successfully to treat knee pain. In fact, it may be as useful as a cortisone shot. One study showed patients who received the “best possible care” plus 200 mg of curcumin -the active ingredient in turmeric-showed significant lowered inflammation.

In fact, some doctors are hoping it can phase out the use of NSAIDs for mild to moderate cases of osteoarthritis.

It’s Good For Your Liver

Turmeric is a blood purifier and helps the liver to release toxins quicker because it breaks down two important toxins.

It’s so effective, some doctors say it may be able to reverse the effects of cirrhosis of the liver.

Good For Your Skin

On the beauty party, it’s used by Indian women for centuries for beautiful skin some swear it rids your skin of troublesome acne and keeps healthy skin looking great. You can make a paste with yogurt for topical use or take it internally.

Further studies and researches have revealed that turmeric has been found helpful in fighting cancer in various forms.

Coming to beauty and skin benefits, turmeric is known to reduce pigmentation considerably. Regular application of a turmeric paste in water or milk cream for 15-20 minutes helps lessen pigmentation in the skin. Mixing it in lemon, cucumber juice, yogurt or honey also improves the suppleness and softness of the skin. Indian brides and groom at treated through a ritual where they are applied a turmeric paste. It is traditionally known to enhance the skin color tone.


Turmeric health benefits are too many to list here. In addition to the health benefits above, it’s said to lower cholesterol, protect against Alzheimer’s and even reduce the risk of childhood leukemia among others.

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  1. I do wish many more people get to know about the benefits of turmeric through your blog.With it’s awesome properties I know now that my everyday consumption of raw turmeric is surely benefitting me.

  2. I keep telling myself to get turmeric in a supplement! I am having some GI issues, and I think this could naturally take care of my issues!

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