16 Amazing Health Benefits Of Malunggay

Amazing Health Benefits Malunggay

Today is an excellent day to learn more about the health benefits of malunggay.

What is malunggay?

Malunggay is a tropical plant that grows in many parts of the world.

The leaves, flowers, and fruits of the malunggay plant are all edible.

The leaves of the malunggay plant are often used in soups and stews.

The flowers of the malunggay plant can be used to make tea.

The fruits of the malunggay plant can be eaten raw or cooked.

Here are some of the best health benefits of malunggay.

  1. Malunggay helps give the body the vitamins and minerals it needs.
  2. This medicinal plant could be good for your skin.
  3. It’s good for your heart to eat malunggay.
  4. May help you sleep better.
  5. Malunggay is rich in antioxidants.
  6. May be good for your sexual health.
  7. Malunggay lowers how much sugar is in the blood.
  8. Helps boost your immune system.
  9. Malunggay leaves may reduce inflammation.
  10. Helps the mother make more milk.
  11. Cholesterol is lowered by malunggay.
  12. Has the ability to kill bacteria and fungi.
  13. Malunggay protects against the harmful effects of arsenic.
  14. Helps the body digest food.
  15. Malunggay is good for your brain.
  16. Malunggay leaves also benefit your bones.

Please continue reading if you want to know more of the details.

1. Malunggay Supplies The Human Body With Nutrients

Malunggay is a fairly large tree, known as a drumstick tree, that is native to most parts of India.

This miracle tree is good for your health in many ways because almost every part of it can be eaten.

The leaves are mostly used as ingredients in herbal medicine, similar to the pods.

The malunggay pods and leaves are also eaten raw in most parts of India and Africa.

Although they are not tasty, the leaves are rich in essential fats, vitamins, and minerals.

According to research, malunggay leaves are a good source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, riboflavin, vitamin A, magnesium, and proteins.

In most Western countries, the leaves of this tree are sold as dietary supplements to help boost the body’s essential vitamin supply.

The pods are also rich in Vitamin C.

One cup of sliced Malunggay pods contains 157% of your daily requirements for Vitamin C.

2. May Be Good For Skin Care

The poultice made from the leaves of malunggay can be used to treat cuts and bruises. It also hastens wound healing.

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities of the leaf extracts should promote faster healing.

The same poultice is even used by some as a facial cream or skin moisturizer.

(Fatty Acid And Unsaponifiable Composition Of Ten Philippine Food Plant Oils For Possible Nutraceutical And Cosmeceutical Applications)

3. Malunggay Is Good For Your Heart

If you’re thinking of foods that can be beneficial to the health of your heart, you should also consider eating malunggay regularly.

This amazing herb has different effects on your body, which all contribute to keeping your heart healthy.

First, it’s able to help you lower your blood pressure.

Second, it’s able to reduce the blood cholesterol levels in your body.

To add even more to how malunggay is good for your heart, it contains antioxidants that help fight oxidative damage to your organs, including your heart.

All of these can make it much more likely that you won’t get heart disease and that your heart will stay healthy and work well.

4. May Help You Sleep Better

Malunggay has been observed to have a relaxing effect on your body.

This is probably why some use the bark or leaves of this plant to treat insomnia and restlessness.

This can help with your struggles with sleeping.

5. Malunggay Is Rich In Antioxidants (Fights Harmful Free Radicals)

Malunggay has been found to be rich in several antioxidant compounds.

Free radicals can cause oxidative stress, which can be helped by the compounds in this plant.

When there are a lot of free radicals in the body, it can lead to long-term diseases like heart problems or diabetes.

Vitamin C, beta-carotene, quercetin, and chlorogenic acid are the main antioxidants that can be found in Malunggay.

Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant that is known to reduce blood pressure.

Chlorogenic is another antioxidant also found in coffee.

It is useful in reducing blood sugar levels.

Research shows that taking a teaspoon of moringa leaves every day can make a big difference in the amount of antioxidants in the blood.

Antioxidants are also abundant in black garlic. You may find out more about its health benefits by going here.

6. May Improve Sexual Health

Traditional uses and anecdotal claims will tell you that malunggay is a good plant to eat if you’re having issues with sexual health.

This is probably more significant if you’re a man.

It’s said that eating malunggay regularly can help increase sperm count.

7. Malunggay Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar is a major health risk that can lead to a number of conditions, like heart disease.

Malunggay has been found to be one of the few natural remedies for this condition.

Although there are not many studies to back this claim, a few studies have provided evidence.

In one study, 30 women taking 1.5 teaspoons of malunggay leaf powder reduced their fasting blood sugar by an average of 13.5%.

(Anti-Hyperglycaemic Activity Of Moringa Oleifera Is Partly Mediated By Carbohydrase Inhibition And Glucose-Fibre Binding)

8. Helps Boost Your Immune System

Consuming or including malunggay in your daily diet will be a great help in improving your body’s immune system.

The amount of vitamin C you get from this plant is already good enough to reduce your risk of developing common diseases.

It’s a source of antioxidants, which, as we mentioned, are good at fighting free radicals to fend off chronic diseases.

Furthermore, it’s a source of iron for your red blood cells.

This helps distribute nutrition throughout your body.

(Efficacy Of Malunggay Leaves In Improving The Iron And Vitamins A And B Status Of Filipino Schoolchildren)

9. Reduces Inflammation (My Favorite Health Benefit Of Malunggay)

One of the essential Malunggay health benefits is anti-inflammation.

Malunggay is an anti-inflammatory and a remedy for many natural health conditions.

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury.

A lot of painful conditions, like inflammatory bowel disease and arthritis, are caused by inflammation.

Isothiocyanates are compounds found within Malunggay leaves that give them their anti-inflammatory effects.

Several studies on lab rats have shown that the use of malunggay leaves can help control inflammation to some extent.

Even though there is no scientific proof that malunggay works as an anti-inflammatory, many people who have used the malunggay leaves to treat chronic pain have said that it helped.

(Anti-Inflammatory And Antitumor Activities Of Seed Extracts Of Malunggay)

10. Improves Mother’s Milk Supply (Most Popular Traditional Health Benefit)

Malunggay has been used by nursing mothers for generations to help them make more breast milk for their babies.

(A Review Of Herbal And Pharmaceutical Galactagogues For Breast-Feeding)

Milk thistle has been shown to improve breast milk production as well. You may learn more about its health advantages by clicking here.

11. Malunggay Lowers Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels in the body are linked with many diseases, including heart disease.

However, many herbal plants can be used to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body significantly.

Malunggay can be used to reduce cholesterol and increase blood flow within the veins.

Several studies have shown that malunggay has the same dilation-causing and cholesterol-lowering components as flaxseeds and oats.

12. Has Antibacterial And Antifungal Qualities

Malunggay has also been found to have antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal qualities.

The compound pterygospermin that’s present in the plant gives it its medicinal qualities.

13. Malunggay Protects Against Arsenic Toxicity

One of the important uses of malunggay is its action on arsenic toxins.

Arsenic toxicity is a problem in most parts of the world.

Most people consume foods and water that are contaminated with arsenic compounds, including heavy metals.

Long-term exposure to arsenic compounds may lead to various serious health problems, including cancer.

Several studies have shown a relationship between arsenic compounds and colon cancer.

The good news is that the leaves and seeds of malunggay may help reduce the levels of toxicity in the body.

They help clean the body of any toxins, including arsenic compounds.

Just like detox tea, malunggay can be taken to take care of high toxicity in the body.

14. Helps With Digestion

Like most vegetables, malunggay is also a good addition to your diet to improve your body’s digestive process.

It’s a source of fiber, which is good for your gut.

This can also help prevent constipation and diarrhea.

Malunggay is also used to treat hyperacidity and reduce ulcers.

15. Malunggay Supports Brain Health

Malunggay is an important herb for brain health.

It has been used traditionally to improve memory and cognitive function.

Malunggay is also known to increase blood flow to the brain and protect brain cells from damage.

(Brain Health Benefits Of Moringa Oleifera)

White wine may be advantageous to brain health as well. You may find out more about its health benefits by going here.

16. Malunggay Is Good For Your Bones

One of the benefits of malunggay is that it can help improve bone health.

Bone health is important for overall health and well-being.

Malunggay can help improve bone health by providing the body with essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin K.

These nutrients are important for maintaining strong bones and preventing conditions like osteoporosis.

Malunggay is full of nutrients, and it also has antioxidants that can help keep bones from getting hurt.

Studies have shown that eating malunggay can help build stronger bones and lower the chance of breaking them.

If you’re looking to improve your bone health, adding malunggay to your diet is a good place to start.


The Malunggay tree has many proven and tested health benefits.

You can take malunggay leaves directly or eat the pods to benefit from this rich traditional herb.

Malunggay can also be consumed as a supplement or capsule.

You can also buy malunggay essential oil, which serves the same purpose as malunggay leaves.

In either case, malunggay can help you deal with many conditions, including heart problems and inflammation.

While the herb may be good for your health, you should not use it as a replacement for prescription medicine.

If you are suffering from any of the conditions mentioned above, keep using the recommended medicine.

Malunggay should only be used as a dietary supplement and not a medicine.

If you choose to use Malunggay capsules, make sure you are on the same page with your doctors.

It is very important to know that supplements, capsules, and essential oils should not be used by pregnant women without a doctor’s permission.

With all these health benefits coming from Malunggay, which one do you think will benefit you the most?

I, for one, would need its anti-inflammatory qualities.

This is because it can be helpful in managing my arthritis.

Just to be sure, you should first discuss things with your doctor or medical professional if you’re not allowed to consume Malunggay.

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