19 Amazing Health Benefits Of Bay Leaf

Amazing Health Benefits Bay Leaf

It’s an exciting Saturday to talk about the health benefits of bay leaf.

Bay leaves come from different plants that are all from the flowering plant family of Lauraceae or laurels.

These are usually used for cooking but it also has medicinal properties that can be good for your health.

Here is my list of the health benefits of bay leaf. I went ahead and collected most of the important ones.

1. Bay Leaf Helps Relieve Pain

Anti-inflammatory properties of bay leaf oil help to reduce pain from arthritis, rheumatism, sprains, and strains.

Bay leaf oil can also aid with migraines and headaches. This is likely because bay leaves aid in blood circulation.

Bay leaves can be used topically to the affected area to relieve joint pain. This should help to reduce inflammation and pain.

2. Helps Improve Digestion

Certain compounds in bay leaves can help relieve digestive disorders like constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and upset stomachs.

It also contains unique enzymes that can efficiently digest complex proteins thus making it easier for your body to absorb them.

3. Bay Leaf Contains Antioxidants

Antioxidant properties of bay leaves have been researched.

These characteristics aid in the prevention of oxidative stress induced by free radicals.

Flavonoids and proanthocyanidins are two phytochemicals found in bay leaf.

More information about this study (Bay Leaves Have Antimicrobial And Antioxidant Activities) may be found here.

4. Is A Natural Insect Repellant

Bay leaves seem to contain certain chemicals that insects avoid.

Try spreading bay leaf oil and you may notice reduced insect bites and stings.

5. Bay Leaf Has Antibacterial Properties

According to this research in the Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, bay leaf has been found to have antibacterial properties.

It can help remove unwanted and dangerous bacteria that are in your respiratory tracts.

You can use bay leaf essential oil or make a poultice out of bay leaves and spread it on your chest to relieve this respiratory condition.

6. May Help Improve Kidney Health

There are a few mentions across the web that using bay leaves can help stop the formation of kidney stones.

They just boil the leaves and make them into tea and regularly drink it.

7. Bay Leaf Improves Hair Health

A natural way of removing dandruff is by using bay leaves.

You can soak the bay leaves in water and then rub them on your scalp.

The chemicals in the bay leaf should help with dry skin and dandruff problems.

Some even say that using bay leaves can also help in reducing hair loss.

8. Helps Eliminate Head Lice

Bay leaf can be useful if you have head lice problems.

Just boil the leaves in water. Strain and them apply to your hair.

This should help eliminate those pesky and irritable head lice.

9. Bay Leaf Helps Remove Uric Acid

If you have high uric acid levels because of purine intake, you should try drinking bay leaf tea.

This tea can help flush uric acid out of your body’s system.

10. Has Anti-inflammatory Properties

According to a Phytotherapy research journal, bay leaf can act as both an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory agent.

This spice contains parthenolide, which is a phytonutrient that aids in the reduction of inflammations.

You can use bay leaf essential oils and rub them on the affected joint or any other area that’s inflamed.

This can work well with your arthritis issues, rheumatism, sprains, and strains.

Its analgesic qualities can be helpful with headaches and migraines.

You can also get the same effect when consuming it as a regular spice or making it as a tea.

11. Bay Leaf Supports The Immune System

Bay leaves are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc.

These are probably on the top of your list of nutrients that can help strengthen your immune system.

You should consider consuming bay leaves just for this.

12. Helps Improve Heart Health

Rutin and caffeic acid are both organic compounds that are important in protecting your heart.

Rutin can strengthen your heart’s capillary walls while caffeic acid can eliminate bad cholesterol in your system.

Both of these organic compounds can be found in bay leaves.

Drinking bay leaf tea has also been said to help reduce high blood pressure.

Have you heard of blue lotus? It’s also good for your heart.

This is my article about the health benefits of blue lotus.

13. Bay Leaf Lessens Stress And Anxiety

Bay leaf contains linalool which is a compound that helps decrease the stress hormones in your body.

This compound is also common in basil, oregano, and thyme.

If you’re feeling quite stressed or anxious, try using bay leaves to alleviate these.

14. May Help With Insomnia

The effects of bay leaves with anxiety and stress alone should already be helpful in your sleep.

This spice also contains mild sedative properties that can help resolve your insomnia issues.

15. Bay Leaf Helps In Dental Care

Bay leaves can be used to keep your teeth and gums healthy naturally.

Mashing bay leaves and orange skin has been used for years as natural toothpaste.

In addition, the antibacterial properties of bay leaves help in protecting your oral health in check.

16. Contains Good Amounts Of Nutrients

Unlike other herbs which have lots of nutrients in them, bay leaves are noted to have some of the most important ones and they contain a lot of it.

You can get potassium and protein from this spice.

Some of the vitamins and minerals you can also get are vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin B6, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

17. Bay Leaf May Help Manage Diabetes

There is research on why bay leaf may be able to help you with your diabetes management.

It seems to have the ability to improve insulin receptor functions and regulate blood sugar levels.

Regular consumption of bay leaves can be very helpful to people with diabetes.

18. Helps With Acne Problems

There are certain compounds in the bay leaf that can be good against acne.

Its antibacterial properties also aid in the fight against acne.

You can just boil bay leaves in water or make tea out of it. You just then splash the water in your face or you can also use cotton balls and gently apply them.

19. Bay Leaf Speeds Up The Healing Process In Wounds

Making a paste from bay leaves and using it to treat wounds is a traditional and natural method used for years.

It can help hasten the healing of the wound as well as prevent infections because of its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.


There you have it. This time we have a more common and popular spice.

We regularly use bay leaves in cooking and knowing the health benefits of the bay leaf just makes me enjoy the dishes more.

Its anti-inflammatory properties and pain management abilities best suit my needs so this is my top pick as the best health benefit.

What’s your pick for the best bay leaf health benefit?

Although bay leaf is quite common and almost everyone knows about it and may have consumed it already, it is always the best choice to consult first with your doctor or medical professional.

You may learn more about the health benefits of a range of culinary herbs and spices in this area.

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Until next time. Thank you!