18 Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

It’s a gorgeous day to discover the many health benefits of coconut water.

What is coconut water?

Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside a young, green coconut.

It is a natural way to hydrate and replenish your body.

It’s also naturally sterile and has many health benefits.

Coconut water is low in calories and fat and is a good source of vitamins and minerals including potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin C.

Coconut water has been used for a long time as a natural cure for a number of health problems, such as being dehydrated, having stomach problems, getting kidney stones, having high blood pressure, or having diabetes.

It can also help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism and making you feel less hungry.

Coconut water is a refreshing alternative to plain water, and it’s also a healthy beverage choice.

And just to be clear, coconut water is different from coconut milk.

Here are my top health benefits of coconut water that you may want to know as well.

  1. Coconut water contains a variety of nutrients.
  2. Promotes eye health.
  3. Coconut water promotes healthier, more radiant skin.
  4. May aid with cholesterol management.
  5. Stress and muscular tension are reduced by drinking coconut water.
  6. Also makes hair healthier.
  7. Coconut water is excellent for digestion.
  8. May have antioxidant properties.
  9. Coconut water is antibacterial.
  10. Can possibly assist with diabetes.
  11. Coconut water is beneficial to the kidneys.
  12. Contributes to the health of your heart.
  13. Blood pressure may be reduced by drinking coconut water.
  14. Rehydrates the body with electrolytes.
  15. Coconut water aids in pH equilibrium.
  16. Is an effective hangover cure.
  17. Coconut water may help you lose weight.
  18. Could possibly treat cholera.

Please keep reading if you want to find out more.

1. Coconut Water Is A Good Source Of Different Nutrients

A glass (about 240 mL) of coconut water can give you carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamin C, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, and calcium.

It is a good source of fiber, B-complex, and vitamin C.

Cytokinins are also present in coconut water.

It is said that cytokinins may be able to reduce the growth of cancer cells.

It is also believed that it has significant anti-aging properties.

To sum everything up, you get vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and C.

Calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, and zinc are available as minerals.

2. Supports Eye Health (An Unknown Benefit Of Drinking Coconut Water)

Drinking coconut water regularly may help you with your fight against cataracts or glaucoma.

Some researchers believe that it can decrease the fluid pressure within the eyes.

Because of its antioxidant activity, it may help deal with cataracts.

3. Coconut Water Promotes Healthier Glowing Skin

Topical application of coconut water may be able to clear up and tone the skin, especially for those who are suffering from acne or other blemishes.

Drinking coconut water is also good for moisturizing your skin and eliminating some of the oils in your body.

This effect can also prevent and treat dandruff.

This may be the reason why there are a lot of beauty products that use coconut water or coconut as the main ingredient.

4. May Help Manage Cholesterol Levels

In research conducted on rats, they were fed with coconut water.

Researchers noticed both decreased bad cholesterol levels and increased good cholesterol levels in the test subjects.

(Health Benefits Of Tender Coconut Water)

5. Try Coconut Water To Reduce Stress And Muscle Tension

Magnesium and calcium that are present in coconut water may be able to relieve some of the stress and muscle tension.

A good amount of calcium can relax your muscles.

While magnesium, which is also called the “relaxation mineral”, helps with the formation of serotonin.

Serotonin is more popularly called the “feel good” hormone.

Both calcium and magnesium are present in coconut water, so if you’re looking to de-stress and relax, you should drink some cool coconut water.

Chai tea might also help to ease muscular soreness. You may learn more about its health advantages by clicking here.

6. Use Coconut Water To Support Healthier Hair

Consuming coconut water may help in the fight against hair loss.

It can enhance blood circulation in the scalp, which can strengthen hair follicles.

Some use coconut water to massage their hair.

This helps with keeping the hair smooth and soft.

To add more, coconut water contains lauric acid, which can protect hair from breakage.

7. Coconut Water Is Very Good For Your Digestion

Are you suffering from any of these digestive issues?

  • Vomiting
  • Dysentery
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Mild Diarrhea
  • Dyspepsia
  • Flatulence

If you are, you may want to drink coconut water.

It’s been observed that it can be a good remedy for your digestive problems listed above.

8. May Have Antioxidant Properties (My Favorite Health Benefit Of Coconut Water)

There are some studies that you can search online about coconut water being able to fight oxidative stress.

This means that the antioxidants contained in coconut water can protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Different studies on animals have shown that the antioxidants in coconut water are able to modify free radicals so that they can no longer cause harm.

Rats with liver damage that were treated with coconut water showed improvement in oxidative stress.

More studies should be done here first since there are only limited resources that are talking about this.

(Therapeutic Effects Of Tender Coconut Water On Oxidative Stress)

9. Coconut Water Fights Infections With Its Antimicrobial Properties

Some tests show coconut water has antimicrobial properties.

It contains biochemicals called peptides.

Peptides can kill both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

If you’re having an infection, you may want to drink up some coconut water.

Furthermore, a study found that coconut water was effective in killing certain types of bacteria.

The researchers found that coconut water was effective against two types of bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

Coconut water was also effective against Candida albicans, a type of yeast.

Lauric acid could be the cause of coconut water’s antimicrobial effects.

Lauric acid is a type of fatty acid that has been shown to have antimicrobial activity.

(Antibacterial Efficacy Of Tender Coconut Water)

10. Can Potentially Help With Diabetes

More studies on animals have shown that coconut water was able to lower the blood sugar levels of these animals that were suffering from diabetes.

Rats that were given coconut water maintenance seem to have their blood sugar levels controlled.

Since coconut water is a good source of magnesium, it may be able to increase insulin sensitivity and decrease blood sugar levels.

Just like the studies on antioxidant properties, more research still needs to be done when it comes to its effects on people.

But just by looking at the nutrients you get from coconut water, it seems that it’s a perfect fit to add to a diabetic’s diet plan.

(Study Of Antiglycation, Hypoglycemic, And Nephroprotective Activities Of The Green Dwarf Variety Coconut Water)

Avocados may also aid in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. You may find out more about its health benefits by going here.

11. Coconut Water Is Good For Your Kidney Health

More animal studies have shown that coconut water can prevent crystals from sticking to the kidneys and other parts of the urinary tract.

The potassium content in coconut water can also effectively dissolve some kidney stones.

Different research studies have seen a reduction of free radical production in response to high oxalate levels in the urine.

Have you ever been diagnosed with a UTI (urinary tract infection)?

I have, and our doctor will usually tell us to drink more water or, even better, coconut water.

Coconut water promotes urine production and its flow, which in turn cleanses the body of toxins.

(Prophylactic Effect Of Coconut Water On Ethylene Glycol Induced Nephrocalcinosis In Male Wistar Rat)

12. Supports Heart Health

Again, research with rats has shown that feeding them with coconut water results in lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides.

Some have also shown a decrease in liver fat.

It would seem that coconut water is very powerful in lowering cholesterol in the blood.

However, it was noted that in the test, the coconut water was given in high dosages.

And this was done with rats. More studies still need to be done to see if this can also have the same significant effect on people.

Another thing is that coconut water may be able to stimulate enzymes that could help with myocardial damage recovery.

(Tender Coconut Water – Natures Elixir To Mankind)

13. Coconut Water Can Reduce Blood Pressure

If you’re having issues with your high blood pressure, you may want to ask your doctor if coconut water may be able to help you.

Studies have shown that it may be able to lower your blood pressure and even decrease the risk of blood clots in your arteries.

It was observed that coconut water was able to improve systolic blood pressure.

It may be because this life water contains potassium.

Potassium can lower blood pressure for people with both high and normal blood pressure.

14. Refreshes Your Body With Electrolytes (Good For Hydration)

Do you like drinking energy drinks after a good workout or exercise?

Why not just drink coconut water instead?

It is a very good way of rehydrating your body.

Drinking coconut water is a good way of recharging your body with fluids and electrolytes.

It’s a natural alternative to sports drinks.

This is probably caused by nutrients like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium that are present in it.

(Comparison Of Coconut Water And A Carbohydrate-Electrolyte Sport Drink)

15. Coconut Water Helps Balance pH Levels

If your body’s pH level leans more towards being acidic, you may be prone to different health issues like rheumatoid arthritis, immune deficiency, diabetes, increased blood pressure, osteoporosis, and even poor liver function.

Consuming coconut water will be able to help restore the healthy pH levels in your body.

It has an alkalizing effect on the body to counteract excessive acidity.

Sea kelp may also aid in the maintenance of your body’s pH balance. You may learn more about its health advantages by clicking here.

16. Is Coconut Water Good For Your Hangover?

I noticed that on different TV shows, there will be a special hangover food or soup.

As for me, I usually go with a drink that provides electrolytes.

This works well for me.

As mentioned above, coconut water is a good source of electrolytes.

You may want to choose the more natural way vs. the other more processed electrolyte drinks.

17. Coconut Water Is Good For Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, you may want to add coconut water to your diet.

It seems that coconut water can help improve your metabolism.

It can also curb your appetite because drinking it makes you fuller compared to water.

Although it may contain a few calories, its fat content is very low.

If you’re thinking of drinking sodas or other fruit juices, you may want to try coconut water as an alternative.

18. May Be Able To Treat Cholera

If you’re suffering from cholera, drinking coconut water may be able to help you.

Mix coconut water with lime juice.

This concoction will be able to restore your electrolyte balance.

Drink it regularly.

Since coconut water is rich in potassium, it’s a contributor to treating cholera.


I’ve always liked drinking coconut water.

When I was younger, we usually visited a rural place every month where we could enjoy lots of coconut water made from coconut fruit.

I bet that you already know some of the health benefits of coconut water and have been enjoying drinking it for quite some time.

Just a reminder, if you’re buying processed coconut water, just make sure to check the sugar content.

Some products might have been heavily processed already.

Also, make sure to check with your healthcare professional to make sure you do not have any rare allergies to coconut water.

I have other posts about the health benefits of other drinks. You can read about them here.

If you enjoyed reading this article and think that there is some valuable information in it, please feel free to share it.

Thank you!

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