11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Banaba

Amazing Health Benefits Banaba

It’s the start of the workweek Monday and it’s a good day to talk about the health benefits of banaba.

If you don’t know banaba, it’s also called Lagerstroemia speciosa, giant crepe-myrtle, Queen’s crepe-myrtle, pride of India, and Jarul.

I’ve made my own list of the health benefits of banaba that I would like to share with you.

1. Banaba May Help With Diabetes Management

Banaba leaves have been traditionally used in some countries as an herbal remedy for diabetes.

Banaba extracts contain corosolic acid which has been seen to have anti-diabetic qualities.

There have been studies and research done with animals that showed banaba was able to improve insulin, increase hypoglycemia, and reduce blood glucose.

You can consume banaba by drinking it as a juice, tea, or in tablet form.

Talking about diabetes management, you should also check bay leaf. It has also qualities that can help with your diabetes.

Here’s my article on the health benefits of bay leaf just in case you may want to read on it too.

2. May Help With Liver Health

There are certain compounds found in banaba that can help protect your liver.

It would seem that these compounds are able to break down the fats that gather in your liver tissue.

This can help prevent different kinds of liver diseases.

There’s a research done in India that showed banaba was able to break down adipose components in the bloodstream.

This can prevent the accumulation of it in your liver.

3. Banaba Contains Antioxidants

Banaba leaves are rich in antioxidants which can help fight free radicals in your body.

It’s a good source of manganese and zinc.

This improves your immune system and lessens your risks from different chronic diseases.

4. Has Antiviral Properties

Banaba leaf is used as a natural remedy for different kinds of viral infections.

Ellagic acid, which can be found in banaba is effective against some common viral agents that cause rhinitis symptoms.

5. Banaba Helps Reduce Body Weight And Body Fat Mass

Certain research on plant extracts which includes banaba showed that it was effective in losing weight.

The study was conducted for 12 weeks and was compared to a placebo effect.

Some also say that banaba is a natural appetite suppressant that can help you with your food cravings.

6. Helps Reduce Fever

Banaba leaf has been traditionally used to lower down the fever that’s caused by infections.

This is because banaba has been found to also have antibacterial properties that work well with treating these kinds of fever.

7. Banaba May Help In Improving Kidney Health

Banaba leaves are traditionally used for kidney disorders and improving kidney health.

Drinking the tea can help ease urination and prevent urinary dysfunctions like dysuria.

There are also claims that it can help dissolve kidney stones.

8. Helps Treat Gout

In the Philippines, banaba is popular as a natural remedy for gout attacks.

The leaves contain valoneic acid dilactone which is effective in stopping the xanthine oxidase enzyme from producing uric acid.

You may already know that high amounts of uric acid in your body causes gout.

9. Banaba Helps With Digestive Disorders

Drinking banaba tea can help relieve different common digestive issues.

It can prevent constipation, treat diarrhea, and facilitate good bowel movement.

10. Supports Skin Health

Banaba can help prevent premature skin aging and other skin conditions by reducing the amount of lipid content in your skin.

It is also rich in calcium, magnesium, and zinc which are awesome nutrients to combat acne and dry skin.

11. Banaba Helps Improve Heart Health

There are different effects of consuming banaba that can ultimately lead to your healthier heart.

It can help manage your blood pressure.

It can also help control your cholesterol levels.


I’m a big fan of banaba leaves and I’ve drunk banaba tea on several occasions to help relieve my gout issues.

That’s my favorite health benefit of banaba. Its ability to fight the production of uric acid that can lead to gout attacks.

What’s the most interesting banaba health benefit for you on the list?

Please make sure to consult first with your doctor or medical professional if you’re unsure or are not familiar with banaba leaves.

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Thank you!