15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ashitaba

Amazing Health Benefits Ashitaba

Have you heard of the many health benefits you can get from Ashitaba?

It’s a popular green plant in Japan which is also known as Tomorrow’s leaf.

I’ve become very interested in the Ashitaba plant because I noticed a lot of health benefits article about it. Here is my collected version of the many health benefits of Ashitaba.

1. Ashitaba Improves The Immune System

The Ashitaba leaves are rich in Vitamin C which is very important in boosting your immune system.

Strengthening your immune system will help in evading most of the common diseases.

2. Is Good For The Brain

There are many nutrients you can find in Ashitaba leaves. These nutrients help your brain function at its best. Specifically, it’s rich in vitamin B12.

It can increase your attention and concentration while also being able to control your emotions.

It can also help fight some of the popular brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s.

3. Ashitaba Detoxifies Your Body

Eating Ashitaba leaves can help clean your blood from some toxic substances.

It is good at detoxifying your body because it contains chalcones. It’s been noted that chalcones are a good detoxifying agent.

4. Helps With Digestion

If you’re suffering from frequent constipation, you may want to add Ashitaba leaves to your diet. You can probably consume it as Ashitaba tea or as a supplement. There are already many Ashitaba capsules in the market.

The chalcones in Ashitaba can help with your constipation issues. And since it is also diuretic, it helps to flush out excess water for a better digestive system.

5. Ashitaba Regulates Your Blood Pressure

The Ashitaba plant works in multiple ways to improve or regulate your blood pressure.

First, the chalcones in the Ashitaba leaf functions as a diuretic which can help lower your high blood pressure.

Second, Ashitaba leaves also contains potassium which helps control your heart’s contractions as well as your blood pressure.

Third, it is an antithrombotic agent. This just means that consuming Ashitaba leaves, maybe in the form of Ashitaba tea may prevent harmful blood clots in your body.

Another uncommon food that you can eat or consume to improve your blood pressure is Gotu Kola. In this article, I’ll tell you more about Gotu Kola’s health benefits.

6. May Control Blood Sugar Level

Ashitaba leaves also contain saponin. Saponin seems to be able to replace the sugar that your body needs with good ones.

If you’re able to control your blood sugar level, you may also be able to lessen the risk of having diabetes or worsening it.

7. Ashitaba May Prevent Anemia

Drinking Ashitaba tea regularly may help you with your anemia issues. It’s contents help form hemoglobin and red blood cells.

There are different researches that show Ashitaba was able to strengthen red blood cells as well as improve its production.

8. Keeps The pH Balance In Your Body In Check

Because of the alkalinity of the Ashitaba leaves, it can balance out the acidity in your body and maintain a proper pH balance.

In effect, this can help you reduce the chances of getting different diseases.

9. Ashitaba Aids In Weight Loss

Although not a really big factor, Ashitaba leaves can help you with your weight loss goals.

As stated earlier, it can balance your body’s pH levels. There are many studies that you can search online that shows how maintaining a good pH level in your body can help you lose weight.

In addition to the above, Ashitaba leaves can also increase your energy and raise your metabolism.

10. Has Antibacterial Properties

Among the many minerals and nutrients Ashitaba leaves have, it also contains chlorophyll, which is an antibacterial agent.

It helps in killing bad bacteria to that your body may be able to recover faster.

There’s also research in Japan that shows that Ashitaba is effective against staph and strep.

11. Ashitaba May Be Able To Fight Cancer

Ashitaba leaves are also rich in antioxidants.

Antioxidants help fight unwanted free radicals which are contributors to the development of cancer cells in your body.

12. Has Anti-Aging Properties

Since Ashitaba leaves have anti-oxidants, it’s able to fight free radicals that damage the body’s cells.

Because of this, your skin and other organs may be able to live healthier and longer.

13. Ashitaba Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The chalcones found in an Ashitaba leaf has an anti-inflammatory effect in your body.

It is useful in treating or relieving arthritis or other inflammatory diseases.

14. Prevents Joint And Muscular Pain

There can be an accumulation of acetic acid due to muscle and joint injuries, and this causes pain.

The chalcones present in Ashitaba leaves can help reduce the pain.

This also works in preventing pain from premenstrual syndrome.

15. Ashitaba Contains Many Beneficial Nutrients

Ashitaba leaves contain different vitamins and minerals.

Some of these are vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, and K. Minerals like folate, niacin, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron can also be found in Ashitaba.


There are many more other health benefits of Ashitaba leaves but there were not many details in it so I didn’t include it for now.

The way how it helps with joint pains is a crucial health benefit for me. I frequently mention this to my articles, that I suffer from arthritis attacks.

Anything that can help with the prevention of my arthritis attacks, reduce the pain, or help with inflammations is definitely key for me.

Which of these do you think will you benefit the most?

Please make sure to check with your medical professional or doctor first before consuming Ashitaba. You may have a rare case of allergy or something that prevents you to consume it.

Please share this article if you think this will benefit someone you know. Thank you!