20 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sugarcane

Amazing Health Benefits Sugarcane

We should have something more common this Wednesday. Let’s talk about the health benefits of sugarcane.

Sugarcanes are considered as grass. These plants are used for the production of sugar. You can call them sugarcane, sugar cane, tubo, or just cane.

Here is my list of the health benefits of sugarcane collected all over the web.

1. Sugarcane Has Laxative Effects

Ayurveda will suggest that sugarcane can be used for improving your bowel movement or relieving constipation.

It is believed that this plant has laxative properties.

2. Improves Your Skin Health

Sugarcane contains alpha hydroxy acid which has different good effects on your skin.

This can prevent and treat acne, moisturize your skin, or even prevent premature skin aging.

Apparently, sugarcane can also help balance the pH level on your skin which can prevent excessive oiling of the skin.

You can get this benefit from sugarcane either applying it topically as part of a face mask mixture or drinking sugarcane juice regularly.

3. Sugarcane Has Alkaline Properties

Sugarcane is also suggested to have alkaline properties.

This works well if you’d like relief from acidity and stomach burns.

This quality of sugarcane is attributed to the high presence of calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, and potassium in it.

4. Is Good For Oral Health

Sugarcane extracts contain minerals that are good for keeping your teeth healthy.

It can prevent tooth decay as well as bad breath. Munching down sugarcane after a meal can help remove bad breath.

Sugarcane also has antibacterial qualities that help in removing the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth.

Some will use it to gargle or as a mouthwash.

5. Sugarcane Is Good For Detoxification

Sugarcane has qualities that help you with detoxifying your body.

Its diuretic and laxative qualities help remove unwanted waste from your system.

It is also helpful in maintaining the health of your kidneys and liver which are both essential body organs when it comes to detoxification.

You should check my article on the health benefits of acacia if you’re looking for a more exotic plant or tree that can help with detoxifying your body.

6. Is Friendly Towards Diabetics

Sugarcane has been found to have a low glycemic index.

If you’re longing for a sweet taste, you should skip your regular soda drinks and look for sugarcanes.

7. Sugarcane Is Good For Bone Health

Sugarcane contains nutrients that are keys to making your bones stronger and keeping it healthy.

It contains calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, and potassium.

Stronger and healthier bones may prevent osteoporosis.

8. Relieves Symptoms Of Flu

Consuming sugarcane regularly can help you prevent and relieve symptoms of flu.

These can be colds, sore throat, and flu itself.

It also has a cooling effect on your body which can help bring down your temperature when you have a fever.

9. Sugarcane Is Good For Digestion

Sugarcane is a good source of dietary fiber.

You may have already known, a high in fiber diet can help with your digestive processes as well as prevent certain conditions like bloating, constipation, and cramping.

10. Has Diuretic Qualities

Sugarcane is considered to be diuretic.

It promotes the excretion of excess water from your body.

This can be helpful in maintaining the healthy function of your kidneys as well as in the prevention of kidney stones or urinary tract infections.

11. Sugarcane Lowers Cholesterol Levels

There are studies that will indicate that sugarcane may help in lowering your cholesterol levels and triglycerides.

12. Is A Good Source Of Antioxidants

Sugarcane juice has been seen to have a high presence of flavonoids and phenolic compounds.

These certain compounds have antioxidant activities in your body.

They can reduce if not stop free radicals from causing oxidative stress that can harm your organs.

13. Sugarcane Is Good For Managing Stress

Apparently, the nutrients in sugarcane like magnesium and tryptophan can help relieve or manage your stress levels.

These nutrients can help balance the production of stress hormones.

In relation to this effect, it can also help you with sleeping better.

14. Is A Good Energy Booster

Sugarcane can help raise your energy levels.

It is rich in nutrients like carbohydrates, iron, potassium, protein, and more that can give your body more energy.

This would be a good drink for days that you feel slow, sluggish, or tired.

It may also be good for starting your day or your workout.

15. Sugarcane Is Good For Keeping A Normal Blood Pressure

The potassium content in sugarcane can help with managing your blood pressure levels to a normal state.

Potassium has the effect of relaxing or reducing the strain in your blood vessels and arteries.

This makes blood flow smoothly which reduces high blood pressure.

16. Improves The Immune System

Sugarcanes contain quite a number of nutrients that should benefit well your immune system.

The combination of minerals, vitamins, and even antioxidants makes sure that your immune system is working properly.

Having a good immune system will make it harder for diseases to affect you. If it does, you’ll be affected at a minimal level compared to those who have a bad immune system.

17. Sugarcane Is Good For Your Heart

The different qualities and effects of consuming sugarcane can contribute to keeping your heart healthy.

Some of these are that sugarcane contains antioxidants, can help regulate blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, and more.

18. Improves Healing Of Wounds

In relation to improving your immune system, sugarcane also has the same effect when it comes to the healing of wounds.

The minerals and other nutrients present in sugarcane optimize or speed up the healing process of your wounds.

If it’s available, you should try consuming sugarcane to get this effect if needed.

19. Sugarcane Is Good Against Dehydration

Sugarcane juice is especially popular during the summer when the temperature is hotter.

A glass of it will definitely freshen you up again

20. Is Good For Liver Health

In Ayurveda, sugarcane has been used to improve health and strengthen your liver.

This is probably why some would suggest using it when you’re having symptoms of liver health issues.


I didn’t know that sugarcane gives out these many health benefits.

Because sugarcane is a good source of antioxidants, this will be my pick for the best health benefit of sugarcane.

Which is your pick on my list?

Although sugarcane is quite common and I didn’t see too much about its side effects, you should still check first with your doctor or medical about consuming it for its health benefits.

If you know someone who will benefit from knowing the health benefits of sugarcane, please share this article.

Thank you!