What Does Turmeric Do For The Body?

What does Turmeric do for the Body

Things Turmeric Do To Our Body

There are many natural products available that can do wonders for your health. Most medicines are actually derivatives of various plants and trees. Even animal products are used often for medicinal purposes, as in the case of vaccines. Thus we can understand that most plants would have some or the other beneficial or harmful effects on the body.

Ayurveda is medical science that relies solely on different plant derivatives to provide medicines. The same is true for Homeopathic medical sciences which use the essence of various flowers and herbs to create medicines of great power. Let us explore the benefits of turmeric on the skin.

Benefits of Turmeric on Body

Turmeric is known to be an antiseptic by nature and also an antibacterial agent. Thus it is very good for the disinfection of cuts and burns. It can even reduce the risk of running leukemia in childhood. Turmeric is also known to prevent breast cancer from spreading to the lungs and causing serious damage.

Turmeric is also a natural detoxifier for the liver. This wonderful item can also prevent or slow Alzheimer’s disease that affects the brain. Apart from all these and various other health benefits, let us look at the benefits of turmeric on the skin.

Benefits of Turmeric on Skin

Among the benefits of turmeric, the following are quite well known and approved by research:

· It can be used to treat acne by application with lukewarm water.

· Turmeric can also help the oily skin by the same process of application with lukewarm water.

· For dry skin, turmeric can be used with egg white, fresh lemon juice, and olive oil and rose water for application.

· It can be used for the treatment of wrinkles by preparation with rice powder, tomato juice, and raw milk.

· Turmeric mixed with gram flour or raw milk and even yogurt can cure signs of aging.

· The use of turmeric with gram flour or raw milk or yogurt can also help lighten stretch marks.

· Turmeric is known to soothe burns if applied with a mixture of Aloe Vera gel.

· Skin tanning and pigmentation can be removed by applying a mixture of turmeric and lemon juice or cucumber.

· Kasturi turmeric with chickpeas can remove or inhibit the growth of facial hair.

· Turmeric mixed with coconut or castor oil can heal your cracked heels.

· Leaving a mask of turmeric and milk or yogurt on your face overnight can get you beautiful looking skin.

· Kasturi turmeric with milk can soothe skin and treat conditions like eczema, poison ivy, and psoriasis.

· Scrubbing gently with a mixture of turmeric and ground flour can remove dead cells.

· A mixture of turmeric and olive oil can treat dandruff on your skin.


  1. Turmeric is such an amazing source of health benefits. I had no idea it was so good for everything until I came across your site. Now I have a bottle in my medicine cabinet!

  2. Oh wow. I didn’t know there were so many other uses of turmeric! I will have to try mixing it with coconut oil and rub them on my heels.

  3. I like learning a lot of benefits of adding turmeric in our diet. I drink turmeric tea regularly and it is very soothing.

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