6 Easy Tips In Growing A Turmeric Plant

growing a turmeric plant

The turmeric plant is known for its medicinal properties so it brings many health benefits to our body. If you consume turmeric regularly, you may be thinking of just planting turmeric on your garden.

You can learn more about turmeric health benefits here.

Turmeric plants are known for their long beautiful leaves. You can start by growing them in the pot initially. This will make it easier for you to move the plant under the sunshine or if you need it under a shade.

You can then transfer your turmeric plant into a garden bed once it’s fully grown.

Now, how is the turmeric plant grown? If you’re ready to start your turmeric plantation, here are our easy tips to grow a turmeric plant.

1. Use Small Pots First

To have 6-8 inches of a full-grown rhizome, you should start by growing turmeric in smaller pots. Cut the rhizomes having at least two buds on the turmeric.

Now lay the rhizomes flat on the soil and cover them with good quality organic soil.

2. 15-Inch Pot For Planting The Rhizomes

Start by having a 15-inch pot for planting the rhizomes that sprout on the turmeric. Rhizomes are the fresh root-like structures that grow on the turmeric and these are responsible for growing a turmeric plant.

Make sure that you have 6 to 8 inches of the rhizomes grown before planting them in the soil.

3. Hot and Humid Environment

Now water well and place them in a hot and humid environment to give the turmeric plant a chance for better growth.

It is a great idea if you have a plastic cover on the pots so that the temperature is hot and humid for the rhizomes to grow fully.

Growth in lower temperatures is going to be very slow, that is why you’ll need to maintain hot and humid weather.

4. Moist Soil

You should keep the soil moist and not soggy or dry so make sure that you water the sapling when needed.

You can even buy or build a germination chamber which would help keep the temperature intact. But I guess that we should keep this to the more advance plant growers.

5. Use a Garden Bed

When your plants are 6-9 inches tall then transfer them to a garden bed to larger pots so that they have enough space to grow and extend their roots.

In this step, you can remove the plastic coverings as you no longer need to have strict temperature requirements. But you should still try and keep it in a slightly humid environment so keep watering those plants regularly.

6. Add Fertilizer

Just like any other plant, it is best to add some more nutrients to the soil by using fertilizers. Try using some organic fertilizer to provide the best nutrients to your plants.


I know it may sound easy, but I not everyone is fit for growing plants. As they said, you need to have a green thumb.

What do you think? Do you have the time to grow your turmeric plant?

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