6 Wonderful Turmeric Benefits For Skin Health

Health Benefits Of Turmeric On Skin

Turmeric is a bright yellow-colored spice which has been used for many years especially in Asian countries. The Indians also call it ‘haldi’ and the Chinese have been using Turmeric for several centuries as a medicinal herb.

Today, the health benefits of Turmeric on the skin are numerous as it has been proven even by medical experts in the leading institutions and research facilities.

Here are the 6 Turmeric Benefits for your healthier skin.

  1. May help prevent and get rid of wrinkles.
  2. Helps in acne treatment.
  3. It is known to be an anti-aging agent.
  4. There are studies that it can help fight skin cancer.
  5. It’s helpful in the treatment of cuts and wounds.
  6. Can be a good remedy for oily skin.

Turmeric is part of the ginger family, and it contains a bioactive element known as Curcumin which is responsible for its health benefits. Curcumin has both the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant features.

Turmeric is available in many forms and can be consumed in its raw or powdered form.

It is also available as a fluid extract, in a capsule supplement or as an ingredient in ointments or can be even added in a teacup. Below are the health benefits of Turmeric on the skin.

1. Treatment Of Wrinkles

Turmeric is efficiently used to treat wrinkles especially when in its powder form and mixed with other readily available substances such as raw milk or tomato juice.

It can also be mixed with buttermilk as well and be applied anywhere on the skin part with wrinkles. It is very effective in smoothening the skin and completely getting rid of the wrinkles or any other strange marks on the skin.

2. Treating Acne

Turmeric is also efficient in treating acne scars or pimples, rashes or inflammation due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

You can treat acne by mixing raw turmeric with lemon juice and adding one or two teaspoons of sandalwood powder.

You can then apply it to your face and leave it for the next ten to fifteen minutes, and after which you will clean it with warm water. For desirable results, you can repeat the process several times.

3. Anti-Aging Agent

Growing older is certain, and in most cases, the skin can show these signs but thanks to turmeric. Both men and women can look more youthful even when older.

You can add turmeric powder to gram flour or raw milk and apply to the body. After drying, you can rinse off with lukewarm water and wash gently in a circular pattern.

Yogurt can also be used and provide effective results in providing for that youthful look you have been yearning.

4. Treating Skin Cancer

Curcumin in Turmeric which has strong anti-oxidant property is very efficient in reducing and regulating the growth of tumor cells for those with skin cancer.

It also reduces inflammation and even pain when applied to the outside. It works well when used with other forms of masks or ointments and can even be added in some food substances.

5. Treating Cuts And Wounds

The anti-bacterial properties in Turmeric make it helpful in treating cuts and wounds and even hastening the healing process. It also stops the spread of infection and minimizes the wound scars as well.

It can be used in its cream, mask or lotion form to reduce inflammation in burns and heal cuts and wounds when combined with manuka, honey.

6. A Remedy For Oily Skin

Turmeric properties also enable it to reduce sebum production or oil secretion and prevent excessive oily skins for those with such condition which sometimes can cause acne.

This can be treated by mixing raw turmeric powder and sandalwood powder and adding it to orange juice. You can then apply it to your skin for about ten minutes after which you will wash with warm water.

Your skin will be less oily and even enable you to be more comfortable.

The above health benefits of Turmeric on skin showcases the importance of applying this herb to your skin once in a while. For more assurance of the treatments, you can apply it regularly to achieve the desired results.


  1. Turmeric brought so much benefit to us that I cannot live without it for a day. SadlyI only add turmeric in my food but I have never thought of applying it for my body. I will definitely add to my milk when I drink it tonight.

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