3 Great Turmeric Tea Ideas

Best Turmeric Tea Ideas

What could better than a cup of turmeric-infused tea? Well, I am sure only a few beverages could match it. I like the drink because it is tasty, nice and simple to prepare.

Its flexibility is also a thing I am guaranteed you will like. I mean, the ability to customize it elevates it to a drink in its own class.

Regardless of the recipe, you decide to pick, there is always room for creativity. The fact that turmeric comes with several health benefits makes these beverages even tastier.

Letโ€™s have a look at some of the best tea ideas using turmeric.

1. Creamy Turmeric Tea

At the first look of things, a combination of the ingredients used in making this tea might not sound like something you would like going down your throat.

However, something magical happens when they mix in a tea mug. The result of the brew is richer and better than that of regular teas, with a more intense taste that rivals that of coffee.

With turmeric being the dominant flavor, you should expect a little bit of bitterness which surprisingly compliments the spicy taste of ginger and cayenne.

Letโ€™s think of it as a creamy cup of deliciousness waiting to go down your throat not only to quench your thirst but also to promote your health.

2. Turmeric Lemon Tea

If you are looking for a tasty combination of ginger, lemon, sweetness and tangy flavors, perhaps you should give turmeric lemon tea a try.

These flavors perfectly combine with a gentle taste of cayenne pepper to create a tea brew like no other.

This drink can be served in several ways and I will be more than happy to share a few of my favorites.

  • Serve with some dash of honey, a slice of lemon or orange and a single teaspoon of coconut oil.
  • If you are a fan of mild tastes, why not add a little bit of water to the tea to reduce its concentration.
  • If its already summertime, chill the drink for a refreshing makeover when the sun hits hard.
  • This drink will also rhyme perfectly with slices of cucumber or apple.

3. Diluted Infusion Black Tea

Personally, I have been enjoying diluted infusions as an additive for my black tea. This involves using half turmeric and half water infusion to stir up a richer turmeric taste and infuse it into my tea.

An early Gel tea will also go perfectly well with turmeric if you are in for more exotic tastes. To make this drink, boil some water then add a tea bag and let it brew for a minute or two.

I find this tea richer and more satisfying during chilly mornings. If you are a fan of ginger, you could also try throwing a fresh piece for a spicy taste.

Tips When Preparing Turmeric Tea

Now that you already have 3 tea ideas using turmeric, let me give a few tips to make sure you get it right. You see when it comes to recipes, everything matters!

I hope you are aware that turmeric powder can be bitter at times. However, you can get rid of this bitterness by boiling.

For this reason, ensure that your tea always boils for a few minutes every time you use turmeric as an ingredient.

I know that some of us have an obsession with fresh things. Itโ€™s not bad but when it comes to turmeric, you might be tempted to peel everything so that you can expose the root.

This can be tiresome. All you need to do is slice the skin and the nubs, then use only the root for your tea recipes.


Apart from being a regular ingredient, turmeric has several health benefits. A breathtaking turmeric tea drink will not only be refreshing but also infused with several benefits to your health.

You only need to ensure that a turmeric tea drink is never too far away whenever you need it. With these tea ideas using turmeric, itโ€™s like killing two birds with a single stone.

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