10 Amazing Turmeric Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About!

turmeric health benefits

The lifestyles many of us lead in this day and age, chock-full of salt, sugar, fat, and processed ingredients place us all at heightened risk of certain lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, obesity and more.

We often forget that nature has her own natural products that can help us alleviate, or completely erase, the negative impacts of these unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits

One of the superstar spices in this broad category of veggies, herbs, and fruits, is turmeric.

Turmeric health benefits are as varied as they are well-proven. This isn’t an exercise in conjecture we’re about to get into here, but a dive into some well-researched and proven turmeric benefits.

They should give you more than enough reason to make turmeric a part of you and your family’s diet.

Let’s get right to it.

1. Anti – Inflammation

The most potent ingredient of turmeric is known as curcumin, and it is a well-known anti-inflammatory.

Some studies indicate that it might even be more effective in this regard than some popular over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin.

2. Cholesterol Control

High blood sugar and chronic bodily inflammation are precursors of oxidative stress in a person’s body, and oxidative stress, in turn, leads up to heightened cholesterol levels.

Turmeric comes in handy here, as we’ve seen that it reduces inflammation in the body, thus helping us keep our bad cholesterol levels in check. In fact, research indicates that you could reduce your cholesterol levels by up to 11.63% within just 7 days of taking a daily 500mg dose of turmeric.

3. Stress Tolerance

Turmeric is placed in a category of substances known as adaptogens, whose function in the human body is to help combat the negative effects of everyday stress.

Adaptogens are more commonly referred to in herbal medicine circles, but their beneficial effects are undeniable. What they do is help the adrenal glands regulate their rate of stress hormone release, meaning your body won’t react too strongly to stress factors, whether internal or external.

4. Reduced Cancer Risk

The curcumin component of turmeric is credited with decreased instances of cancer in those who take it regularly. To be specific, curcumin helps slow the growth and development of cancer in the bodily system.

Animal research trials have shown that curcumin might actually kill tumor cells outright in addition to inhibiting their proliferation.

Prevention is better than cure. Another impressive turmeric health benefit is its ability to prevent cancer’s occurrence before it even begins to take a hold of a patient’s body, especially in certain vulnerable organs such as the stomach, breasts, bowels, and skin.

5. Mood Regulation and Improvement

In addition to the brain-building protein BDNF, the curcumin content of turmeric also goes a long way in preventing the onset of depression by instigating the production of the brain’s “feel-good” hormones – serotonin and dopamine.

Turmeric may provide an entirely healthy, all-natural alternative to some of the most popular anti-depressants on the market today such as Prozac.

6. More Radiant Skin

By making turmeric a regular part of your diet, you could greatly improve the health of your skin, as turmeric is a powerful anti-aging element.

It works in our bodies as an anti-oxidant, which is any substance that works to reverse the aging effects of oxidation on body cells and tissues, such as the skin.

To make things even better, the anti-oxidant turmeric uses can be enjoyed whether turmeric is taken with our food or applied directly onto the skin as a lotion or ointment.

7. Weight Loss Assistance

Overweight people are at increased risk of multiple life-threatening conditions, and one of its numerous causative factors is elevated stress levels.

Cortisol, which is the hormone our body releases in times of stress, encourages the accumulation of fatty cells in a person’s stomach region as the region is more sensitive to the action of cortisol as well as due to the fact that fat is a very efficient energy-storage medium.

Turmeric can forestall the entire process by helping you keep your cortisol production levels at a healthy level.

8. Joint Health

Mobility and overall joint health might be easily overlooked aspects of our general health, especially while we still enjoy the vitality of our youth, but they become increasingly more important as we age.

Studies conducted on patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic condition caused by the inflammation of the joints, showed that turmeric was as effective in the management of the condition as some of the prescription drugs given for the same such as Diclofenac.

9. Brain Health

A healthy working memory and strong cognitive functions are two prime indicators of your brain’s health, and our brain’s health is something none of us can afford to take for granted, especially as we get older.

Turmeric has been shown to play a role in the production of a protein known as brain-derived-neurotrophic-factor (BDNF) that helps the development of neural connections within the brain.

Low BDNF levels are a precursor for the development of depression and Alzheimer’s, especially in older generations.

10. Metabolism Boost

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, as well as ancient Indian Ayurvedic medical experts, have known the benefits of turmeric for thousands of years.

One of the uses they had for the versatile herb was in the treatment of diabetes. By stabilizing the levels of glucose in a person’s body (as a healthy metabolism should), research has shown that turmeric has the ability to mitigate one of the most hard-hitting complications that come with diabetes.

Aside from helping those with diabetic symptoms already, turmeric also shows promising indications of being able to ward off the onset of the condition entirely.

In Conclusion

Turmeric has shown itself to be one of the world’s truly “Super” foods, and the great thing about it is that we can get it in more than one form.

Whether it’s as fresh turmeric root, ground turmeric powder, or as a supplement, we can all get our daily share of turmeric health benefits.

Unless grossly over-indulged in, there are practically zero negative turmeric side effects, so you may consider it safe for all the family to enjoy.


  1. I take turmeric and ginger tea everyday. It helped me with keeping my blood glucose level in check and made my chronic pain more manageable.

  2. I actually DID know all of these things about turmeric! And I have noticed a spike in products incorporating into their recipes so as to tout those health benefits. I personally dislike turmeric but appreciate its health benefits tremendously!

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