10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Triticale

Amazing Health Benefits Triticale

I have a list here of the health benefits of triticale.

This time, let’s look into the health benefits you and I can get from different kinds of grains.

If you didn’t know yet, triticale is a hybrid of wheat and rye.

Here are some of the health benefits of triticale that I’ve gathered up online.

1. Triticale Has Good Amounts Of Nutrients

Triticale is a good source of nutrients your body needs to start the day.

It’s considered to have more fiber and protein content compared to rye and wheat.

Some of these nutrients you can get from consuming triticale are protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, and vitamin E.

2. May Aid In Controlling Diabetes

Triticale is very rich in fiber.

Consuming a good amount of fiber regularly may help prevent glucose and simple sugars from flooding your bloodstream.

This can help people who are affected by diabetes.

An herb that’s good with digestive issues is peppermint. I have here an article on peppermint’s health benefits that you should also check.

3. Triticale Enhances Digestion

We’ve mentioned triticale’s fiber content a couple of times already. Another thing that fiber can do is help you improve your digestive process.

Fiber helps your body pass food through your digestive system faster and it speeds up the process of absorption of nutrients and excretion of unwanted waste.

Having a high-fiber diet will help you reduce digestive problems like bloating, constipation, cramping, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal conditions.

4. Is Ideal For Reducing Weight

Adding triticale in your diet can definitely help you if you are obese or overweight.

This grain has low to zero calories and fat content.

Because it’s a good source of fiber, consuming it can make you full quicker which prevents you from overeating.

The dietary fiber as well can curb your appetite and sugar cravings.

5. Triticale Improves Blood Circulation

Having a proper amount of red blood cells is important because it delivers oxygen to all the parts in your body.

This is where triticale comes in. It is rich in copper, folic acid, and iron. All of these are needed in the production of red blood cells.

A good count of red blood cells and good blood circulation can lead to many different positive effects in your body.

It can speed up the healing of your tissues and cells, improve metabolic efficiency, increase hair growth, and more.

6. Boosts Cell Production

Besides fiber, triticale is also a good source of protein.

The proteins in your body break down into amino acids. The amino acids are then used as construction materials to what your body needs to stay healthy.

Along with protein, triticale also has other nutrients like folic acid and manganese which are contributors to the production of cells.

7. Triticale Boosts Metabolism

We’ve already mentioned that triticale is a good source of protein.

More things that protein can do to your body boost your metabolism, increase energy production, enhance muscle building, and optimize the synthesis of healthy cells.

All the processes mentioned above can eventually help in strengthening your body’s muscles and tissues as well as prevent damages.

8. Is Used For Skin Care

The nutrients you get from eating triticale will add up and help get you a healthy and glowing skin.

There are even home-made face packs that use triticale with honey.

You’ll also notice some facial scrub products that use triticale as one of its ingredients.

9. Triticale Assists In Bone Health

Adding triticale to your diet may help improve your bone health. This is because of the different nutrients you can get from triticale.

This amazing grain contains nutrients like calcium, manganeses, phosphorus, and zinc. All these nutrients are integral in the production and strengthening of your bones.

It may also be able to prevent certain conditions like osteoporosis.

10. Aids In Controlling Cholesterol Levels

Fiber does a lot of good things in your body. So it’s a good reason to consume triticale regularly.

Dietary fiber in your body helps absorb excess cholesterol and improve the health of your blood vessels.

In a way, it also helps keep your heart healthy.


There you have it. These are just some of the notable health benefits you can get from triticale.

It’s high protein and fiber content is a big hit for me. It’s a 2 in 1 package to lose weight and build muscles.

What’s your favorite triticale health benefit on the list?

I know triticale is quite common but you should still talk first with your doctor or medical professional just in case you have a special condition that prohibits you from consuming it.

Thank you for reading the article and please share it with someone who you think will benefit from this.