9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sago Palm

Amazing Health Benefits Sago Palm

It’s a pleasant Friday again which is a good day to find out more about the health benefits of sago palm.

You’ll probably know it for its other names like Cycas Rumphii, Queen Sago, Tivoli, Pitogo, Bitogo, Patubo, Spiny-Leaved Cycas, and Queen Sago Palm.

This is a list of the health benefits of sago palm that I’ve researched online and would like to share with you.

1. Sago Palm Helps Improve The Health Of Your Bones

Sago palm has been found to have small amounts of calcium, copper, and iron.

These nutrients are significant in the development of your bones. It strengthens and improves your bones’ mineral density.

Because of this, you can increase your chances of avoiding bone-related diseases like osteoporosis.

2. Is Useful For Sores And Swelling

Sago palm seems to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s been traditionally used to treat sores and swellings.

You can create a poultice by mixing together oil, and the grounded bark and seeds of sago palm.

Apply it to the affected part to reduce soreness and swelling.

This can probably be helpful if you’re also suffering from inflammation and pain caused by arthritis.

3. Sago Palm May Help With Muscle Growth

There are articles online that will tell you that sago palm contains certain compounds that can be useful in recovery or repairing your muscles in case of injury.

It seems to also have the ability to make your muscles work faster and longer.

There are limited articles but it’s worth mentioning and researching more about.

4. May Help With Digestive Disorders

Since sago palms have been around for so many years, it’s been a favorite traditional and home remedy by different people.

The juice from the tender leaves of this plant can be used to treat flatulence and vomiting.

For stomachaches, you can boil the dried sago leaves and make a tea out of it. You can drink a cup of sago palm tea twice a day.

It’s also a source of fiber that can improve your digestive process. This helps in better nutrient absorption from the foods you eat to your body.

5. Sago Palm May Help Promote Nervous System Health

The proper functioning of your nervous system can also be attributed to the proper amounts and balance of electrolytes in your body.

Sago palm seem to have qualities that can help balance your pH levels.

6. Helps In Gaining Weight

It’s said that sago palm is high in calories.

The starchy substance from this plant can be made into puddings and shakes which can serve as high-calorie snacks if you need to gain weight.

7. Sago Palm Promotes Blood Circulation

Sago palm is considered to be a source of iron.

Iron is a needed nutrient in the production of red blood cells. These carry nutrients and oxygen all over your body.

This process makes sure that you have the energy for all the parts of your body to make them function.

Something more familiar that’s a good source of iron is dragon fruit or pitaya.

I’ve written an article about its health benefits here.

8. May Help Regulate Blood Pressure

Sago palm contains small amounts of potassium which can help you keep a healthy blood pressure level.

You already probably know that potassium works as a vasodilator. It helps your blood vessels relax, allowing smoother blood flow.

Potassium also has the ability to negate the effects of excess sodium in your body.

9. Sago Palm Is An Energy Food

Sago palm is high in calories. Your body burns calories to produce energy.

This is why consuming sago palm can be helpful in keeping your energy levels up as you do work in your daily life.


These are just some of the health benefits of sago palm.

There aren’t too many studies or research publications. Most of the health benefits are traditional medicine uses and anecdotal claims.

I honestly haven’t heard or I don’t think I’ve seen a sago palm before. However, there are other kinds of palm trees that I usually see.

But if I’m going to pick one from the list of health benefits of sago palm, I’ll choose the one that’s helpful for my arthritis condition.

Which one on the list of health benefits of sago palm do you think you need?

You’re probably unfamiliar with sago palm as well so to be safe and sure, you should first consult with your doctor or health professional about consuming or using it.

If you like this article or think that there’s value in it, please do share. Thank you!

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