Why Is Mangosteen Called The Queen Of Fruits

Why Is Mangosteen Called The Queen Of Fruits

Mangosteen or Garcinia mangostana is one of the distinctive varieties of exotic fruit. Popularly known as the ‘queen of fruits’, the fruit is found in several Southeast Asian nations.

Although the origin of the Mangosteen fruit is still debatable, it is believed to be the native of the countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. The rich purple color fruit with fleshy white pulp is also considered as the national fruit of Thailand.

Mangosteen The Queen Of Fruits

Mangosteen fruit is known to have some of the amazing health benefits as listed below:

Helps In Improving The Digestion

Fibers present in Mangosteen fruit stimulate digestive and gastric juice secretion in our body thus easing the process of digestion. It also helps in dealing with several other digestion related conditions such as bloating, indigestion, severe heartburn, etc.

Prevents Premature Ageing

Mangosteen fruit has a large number of antioxidant properties that help you in actively reducing the free radicals present in the body. This eventually reduces the premature aging symptoms and delays the overall process of aging in the body.

Help In Menstrual Problems

In various parts of Indonesia and Malaysia; Mangosteen is used in regulating the menstrual cycle and other menstruation-related problems in women.

Lowers The Blood Pressure Level And Protects The Body Against Cardiovascular Disease

The queen of fruit is also an excellent source of potassium which helps in keeping the body fluid levels in check. It also reduces the issues related to the cardiovascular system and prevents the risk of many diseases such as heart attacks, strokes etc.

Helps In Insomnia

Mangosteen fruit contains tryptophan which is an organic chemical that gets converted to serotonin and helps in dealing with insomnia symptoms and also makes the body feel tired and helps in sleeping.

Improves Skin Health

Rich in Xanthone and several other antibacterial properties, Mangosteen significantly improves your skin health by repairing the damaged skin cells.

Other health benefits of Mangosteen include:

1. Strengthens bones, and also reduces signs of anemia.

2. It boosts the overall immune system.

3. Mangosteen has several anti-inflammation properties to maintain joint health.

4. The fruit helps in maintaining thyroid health and reduces the common symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety.

Nutritional Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit

Among the nutritional benefits of Mangosteen include:

1. It is rich in excellent vitamin and mineral contents.

2. The main types of vitamins found in Mangosteen include vitamin-C, thiamin, folic acid niacin, B6, riboflavin, and vitamin A.

3. The main minerals content of the Mangosteen fruit are potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, zinc, phosphorus.

4. It also contains many other nutritional ingredients such as phytonutrients, protein, water, and other beneficial dietary fats.


Apart from excellent taste and texture, high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory contents such as Xanthone, alpha- and gamma-mangostin make Mangosteen the true queen of fruits.

With a number of health and nutritional benefits including better immune system, excellent cardiovascular health, robust digestive system, and keeping us rejuvenated in general, the title for Mangosteen as the queen of fruit is indeed very well-deserved.


  1. I didn’t know Mangosteen was the queen of fruits. But I have spent a lot of time in Southeast Asia and I am obsessed with Mangosteen. If Mangosteen is queen, then I am a loyal subject. 🙂

  2. I googled the Mangosteen fruit, and it looks beautiful! I love the health benefits you listed. I’m sure I might be able to find it, living near New York City. I’d like to try some!

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