6 Things You Need To Know About Mangosteen

Things You Need To Know About Mangosteen

We’ve listed things that you need to know about mangosteen. These are some of the most asked questions you’ll find online about mangosteen. We’ll try to answer them all for you.

1. What does mangosteen taste like?

Mangosteen is a sweet fruit. But you might taste something a bit sour. It’s hard to describe like when you say sour tasting for pineapple, green mango or orange.

If you like the different tastes of tropical fruits, I think you’ll also like how mangosteen tastes like.

2. What part of mangosteen do you eat?

When you open the mangosteen fruit, you’ll find its very sweet white flesh. Just don’t swallow it whole because you’ll need to spit out the seeds inside the white flesh.

The white flesh of mangosteen is wrapped around the seeds. Sometimes, you’ll be able to peel it off from the seed while it’s in your mouth. Other times, you’ll just have to spit the seed out with some of the flesh still on it.

3. What does mangosteen smell like?

I honestly don’t smell anything in particular in mangosteen. Even if the fruit is ripe, it doesn’t smell much unlike mangoes and pineapples. When mangoes and pineapples are ripe, you can almost smell the sweetness in them.

4. How is mangosteen called in other countries?

Mangosteen is called mang cut in Vietnamese. It seems that mangosteen is the same in India although how they write it in their language is different.

In the Philippines, it is also called and spelled as mangosteen.

5. Why is mangosteen expensive?

Mangosteen isn’t expensive to countries where they grow and if they are in season. Just like other fruits, mangosteen’s prices will go up if they are exported and if not in season.

6. Why is mangosteen good for you?

Mangosteen is called the “queen of fruits.” This is because it can give you tons of health benefits when you consume it. You may also call it a super fruit.

Adding mangosteen when it’s available to your diet is good for you. You can learn more about mangosteen health benefits here.


If you’re looking to know more about mangosteen and did not get an answer from above, please leave a message and we’ll try to answer it for you.

We hope these help you know more about mangosteen and find it a great addition to your diet to improve your overall health and well-being.

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