What Are The Effects Of Mangosteen On Arthritis

What Are The Effects Of Mangosteen On Arthritis

What are the effects of Mangosteen on Arthritis? The question comes up because this southeast Asian tropical fruit, Mangosteen, is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

I am sure you know that Arthritis is a rather debilitating physical condition that results from joint inflammation. This is a direct impact of an enzyme called, the COX-2 enzyme.

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The continuous exposure to drugs that control this enzyme can lead to several other medical conditions like renal damage and hypertension. Some are even allergic to these medicines.

As a result, for more than 3 decades now, studies are underway for a wide range of alternative treatments that can provide relief from the joint pains in Arthritis.

In this context, Mangosteen has come up as a very harmless cure for this rather chronic condition. What are the effects of mangosteen on arthritis?

Therefore, first and foremost it is important to understand why Mangosteen is being considered. Well, this tropical fruit is naturally rich in:

1. Xanthones

The fruit naturally produces antioxidants, Xanthones. This polyphenol helps in reducing inflammation.

This anti-inflammatory property makes it a strong candidate to help tackle degenerative diseases and revive cell rejuvenation.

2. Cox-2 Inhibitor

Well, you already know that the Cox-2 enzyme is the key culprit in aggravating arthritis in the human body.

So any food supplement that can help in inhibiting the growth of this enzyme can always be beneficial for curing arthritis.

3. Phytonutrients

Many types of arthritis and gout conditions are worsened by inappropriate metabolism. The phytonutrients help in improving the body’s metabolism and as a result, provide relief to a large extent.

May Be A Cure For Arthritis

Prolonged studies on the effects of mangosteen on arthritis indicate that these myriad chemical components in mangosteen can go a long way in dealing with arthritis.

The Xanthones suppress inflammation and the COX-2 inhibitor makes sure that the progression of this condition is controlled to a large extent.

Moreover, Xanthones in Mangosteen do not have any negative impact on the body.

Be it ulcers or body’s natural blood-clotting abilities, this fruit helps in keeping the natural body functions intact without any dangerous side effects like heart attack and renal damage.


The positive effects of mangosteen on arthritis are rather pronounced. For patients who are tackling the multiple side-effects of NSAIDs, this could be a wonder treatment without any side- effect.

Moreover, studies have also indicated that Mangosteen is extremely effective in tackling allergies too in arthritic patients as Xanthone controls the Histamines that trigger these.

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