7 Awesome Health Benefits Of Mangosteen

benefits of mangosteen

Mangosteen, or the “queen of fruits”, is a fruit found in Southeast Asia and other tropical areas, easily recognizable by its distinct purple color and both sweet and sour flavor.

But don’t think mangosteen is just a party for your palate! The fruit has many health benefits that may surprise you. Take a look at these mangosteen benefits:

Help With Weight Loss Efforts

Weight loss is one of the many mangosteen health benefits. This nectar of the gods can very well prove to be one of your greatest allies for weight loss

Because it’s so low in calories, completely free of bad fat and cholesterol, and filled with good stuff – especially dietary fiber! – mangosteen ’s the ideal fruit to walk you through your weight loss journey!

Cancer Fighting Properties

The second of the many benefits of mangosteen is with regards to cancer. Mangosteen is very well-known for having a lot of antioxidants.

One of the most powerful ones it possesses, xanthones, have been proven to be very powerful in fighting cancer.

Shrinking tumors and killing certain kinds of cancer cells are some of the most amazing properties mangosteen has been shown to have.

Amps Up Skincare

Aside from helping to fight cancer, xanthones, along with the antibacterial characteristics also present in mangosteen, can help treat serious skin diseases.

This fruit has been used for thousands of years as a treatment for skin infections, and more recently, for acne and as an anti-aging agent.

Boosts Heart Health

Regulating blood pressure is the main concern nowadays, with heart conditions being one of the biggest causes of death in the modern world.

Because of its high content of potassium, magnesium, and other minerals, mangosteen helps with this regulation, while also keeping your heart rate stable and cholesterol levels healthy.

Better Immune System

Remember Xanthones? Well, as amazing as it may sound, they won’t only help fight cancer and keep your skin looking radiant, they’ll also empower your immune system.

With the help of high levels of Vitamin C also present in the fruit, mangosteen is your best friend to keep infections at bay.

Helpful During Menstruation

If you’re a woman, you’re probably well too familiar with the headaches (both literal and figurative) that come with menstruation.

Mangosteen again proves to be an invaluable ally here, since it can help diminish symptoms such as dizziness and hypertension.

But perhaps the best thing mangosteen can do for women is help regulating periods – the root of the plant has long been used for this end in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Energy Booster

You’ve probably realized by now that mangosteen is filled with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Making this fruit a part of your diet, in addition to all the other amazing benefits you’ve seen so far, is a sure way to feel more energized throughout the entire day, and live a healthier life in general.


While it’s a wonderful thing that modern medicine keeps moving forward and providing people everywhere with advanced treatments for terrible diseases, some focus should be put into our diet.

Health begins with what we put into our bodies, and a fruit like a mangosteen, with all its unbelievable properties, is a great example of what food can do for our health.

Introducing this fruit to your daily snacks will instantly help ensure you are on the right path to a lively, robust and long existence.


  1. I’ve never heard of mangosteen before, but it sounds like something that I should definitely be incorporating into my diet! I could use some help with my skin and regulating my menstrual cycle.

  2. Funny story my mom used to be a distributor for this company called Zango which mangosteen was the prominent ingredient in mangosteen. I wish it was more readily available to us in the states.

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