6 Awesome Health Benefits Of Mangosteen

6 Awesome Health Benefits Of Mangosteen

Have you ever come across mangosteen “The Queen of Fruits”? Don’t worry I will take you through that. Mangosteen is a fruit that is originated in the Southeast Asia region, and it is an ultra-tropical fruit. The mangosteen tree is tall, pyramid-shaped and it cannot survive below forty degrees Fahrenheit. With its delicious taste, mangosteen is popular with a lot of fruit lovers. It has been known to contain various vitamins and minerals and is known to deliver a lot of health benefits.

Here are great mangosteen benefits that would make you take advantage of the fruit; not for anything else, but to ensure optimum health.

Health Benefits Of Mangosteen

Boost immune system

It improves the body immunity and combats various diseases because it will make the body stronger to fight any infection that comes its way. However, I would advise that you never consider a mangosteen fruit as medicine for all diseases. What it can do is improve your immune system, which in the end will make your body stronger and healthier.

Cancer treatment

Are you a cancer victim? There is hope. Studies showed that people with cancer experience improvements after they consume the fruit regularly. Additionally, it seems to be able to improve respiratory health and allergies as well as asthma. Some people even use the ointment of the fruit for zits and other skin problems.

Acts as anti-inflammatory

Have you ever heard of xanthones? Xanthones is known to be a class of polyphenolic compounds that biologically active and with a similar structure with bioflavonoids. Such compounds have been revealed with several health benefits like its anti-inflammatory properties, anti-convulsant, and anti-allergic abilities.

Acts as an anti-oxidant

Other major significant components of mangosteen are the sterols, polysaccharides, catechins, proanthocyanidins. These elements are less biologically active and nutritionally important. But then, most of them act as anti-oxidants and still play a vital role in the long array of medicinal mangosteen benefits.

So, how do anti-oxidant work?

With fewer antioxidants present in our body, the oxidation process succeeds which produces free radicals leading to a chain reaction that causes cell damage. Such reaction often leads to some diseases and the most feared premature aging. By effectively removing the free radicals found in our body, antioxidants present in mangosteen help prevent these said reactions.

With low levels of antioxidants, the body experiences oxidative stress that is usually associated with a lot of diseases. In recent studies, it has been revealed that antioxidants have even further used in the form of treatments for neurodegenerative diseases and strokes.

It can help you in losing weight

Are you obese or overweight? The mangosteen fruit is perfect for figure conscious people like you. Studies have shown that eating mangosteen also helps in weight loss and has been known as an obesity buster in many countries.

Serves as astringent

The rind of the fruit serves as a strong astringent which contains certain chemicals like tannins that keep insects away from it. Many products have been confirmed to have mangosteen as additives. Now, it seems that tea has been added to the list of products the mangosteen could be turned into. This natural mangosteen tea has no additives and is preservative-free.


To effectively enjoy full mangosteen benefits, it is wise to purchase products that include the processed whole mangosteen fruit. I can also say that coming up with beverages that include mangosteen is a clever and fun way of taking it in the body.

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