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Amazing Health Benefits Lycopus Virginicus

It’s another gorgeous day to find out the many health benefits of Lycopus virginicus.

There are many species of Lycopus, but today, we’re going to talk about Lycopus virginicus.

This herb is also popularly known as bugleweed but other plants also use the same name. So we’re going to use the scientific name of this plant in this article.

Other names for Lycopus virginicus are Virginia water horehound, American water hoarhound, sweet bugleweed, water bugle, carpenter’s herb, the green archangel, the purple archangel, Paul’s betony, Woodbetony, wolf foot, and Egyptian’s herb.

Here is a list of the health benefits of Lycopus virginicus.

1. Lycopus Virginicus May Help With Healing Of Wounds

Lycopus virginicus contains antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory qualities that are great in speeding up the healing process of wounds.

It’s used topically to treat minor cuts and wounds.

It can reduce pain and swelling, prevent infections, and promote cell growth.

2. May Help Improve Heart Health

Lycopus virginicus may help protect your heart or reduce the risks of different heart diseases.

This is because it can help reduce blood pressure levels.

As you may also know, being hypertensive or having a high blood pressure level consistently can lead to heart problems like heart attacks.

Just to add, the antioxidants in Lycopus virginicus may help with fighting harmful free radicals that can lead to chronic heart diseases.

3. Lycopus Virginicus May Help Improve Your Digestion

Consuming Lycopus virginicus can help optimize your digestive process as well as prevent digestive disorders.

A good functioning digestive system can help with the absorption of nutrients from the foods you eat as well as the smooth removal of undigested foods.

The herb can help prevent different digestive problems like diarrhea, gastritis, indigestion, and irritable bowel syndrome.

4. May Have Mild Sedative Qualities

Lycopus virginicus is considered to have mild sedative qualities that are helpful in different ways.

It can help reduce anxiety, the feeling of depression, and stress.

Because of this, it can also promote better or sound sleeping.

5. Lycopus Virginicus May Have Anti-inflammatory Qualities

Lycopus virginicus may have anti-inflammatory qualities that are useful against chronic inflammations.

It also has a mild analgesic effect that can be helpful with pain and swelling from different arthritis conditions.

Some even say that it’s very effective against gouty arthritis.

6. May Improve Respiratory Health

Lycopus virginicus is traditionally used to treat different kinds of respiratory health problems like excessive coughing, shortness of breath, and sore throat.

This can be possible because the herb is said to have anti-inflammatory qualities that help relieve these conditions.

Furthermore, it may be a mucoactive agent.

It can help remove mucus or phlegm on parts of the respiratory tracts.

Do you want to know more herbs that can help with respiratory health?

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7. Lycopus Virginicus May Be Good For Skin Care

It’s said that the extracts from the leaves of Lycopus virginicus can be used as a skin cleanser.

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities of the herb can help prevent or treat acne or pimples.

It also has antipruritic qualities that are great against insect bites.

8. May Help With Hormonal Balance

Some say that Lycopus virginicus has a positive effect on the functions of your thyroid gland.

Your thyroid gland is used to produce certain hormones that are used by your body’s development, metabolism, and cardiovascular health.


These are the many health benefits of Lycopus virginicus.

It’s another herb that I’m not familiar with. It may be uncommon to you as well.

But my favorite health benefit of Lycopus virginicus is that it has anti-inflammatory qualities. It’s even mentioned that it’s great for gouty arthritis.

Gouty arthritis is the condition I have right now.

How about you? Which Lycopus virginicus health benefit do you need the most?

Before using this herb, please check first with your doctor or medical professional if it’s safe for you.

If it’s not too much to ask, please share this article with your family and friends if you find it valuable.

Thank you and stay safe!

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