10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Honey And Cinnamon

what are benefits of cinnamon and honey

As you probably already know, both cinnamon and honey are very healthy foods. But what if the two are combined?

The truth is that when the two foods are combined, the health benefits have been confirmed to be even greater. The pair makes a wonderful combo that is amazingly nutritious and has some excellent health benefits to offer.

Simply put, both cinnamon and honey truly deserve their “superfood” status, and for good reason. Moreover, consuming the two together can be a great way to improve your overall health.

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This article discusses the health benefits of cinnamon with honey. So, read on. You’ll be glad you did!

But first things first, what makes the combination of honey and cinnamon so amazing?

The combination of cinnamon and honey has been used for centuries in many cultures. The two ingredients have powerful healing properties and have a long and interesting history as an effective home remedy.

Cinnamon is one of the world’s oldest spices. In the Bible, it is mentioned as a precious spice. In ancient Egypt, it was used not only as a food flavoring agent and for medicinal purposes, but also as the primary preservation agent.

It was so cherished that it was regarded to be more precious than gold. On the other hand, honey has continued to grow in popularity over the years thanks to its powerful healing properties.

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Honey’s powerful enzymes and the essential oils present in cinnamon work together to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. Both are not only used as food flavoring agents and in medicine but also as food preservation agents because of their powerful antimicrobial properties.

The combination of cinnamon and honey helps to speed up the healing process and boosts the medicinal values of each other.

So, what are the benefits of cinnamon and honey? Here is our list of the top health benefits you can get from the honey and cinnamon superfood duo.

1. Boosts Immunity

The cinnamon and honey combination is effective in supporting the immune system, easing chronic fatigue and prolonging the lifespan of humans.

The mixture can also be used for fighting colds and flu. This is mainly because of the presence of some powerful antioxidants in both cinnamon and honey, which can work together to fight the free radicals in the human body.

2. Aids in Digestion

Cinnamon and honey can help to boost the health and functioning of the digestive system. It aids in removing gas from the intestine and stomach and treats indigestion, stomachache, excess flatulence, and urinary tract infections.

Daily consumption of honey and cinnamon can help in promoting healthy digestion, which helps to prevent many serious health conditions.

3. Helps to Control Diabetes

Cinnamon is rich in antioxidant flavonoids, which have similar effects on insulin. This means that it promotes the flow of glucose from the bloodstream to the body cells where it is required for energy.

As a natural source of sugar, honey does not cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate as much as many artificial sugars do.

When combined with the cinnamon effects, honey improves the flow of glucose in the bloodstream – which ultimately contributes to the improvement of type 2 diabetes.

4. Relieves Arthritis

Honey and cinnamon paste can also help in relieving arthritis pain. Simply mix one tablespoonful of honey and cinnamon in warm water to form a paste.

Then apply the paste on the affected part of your body. You may also want to make a drink by mixing cinnamon and honey in ratio 1:2 in boiling water.

By consuming this drink on a regular basis, you can significantly reduce your arthritis pain.

5. Good for Your Skin

The benefits of cinnamon with honey also include treating pimples and skin infections. Simply apply the paste created by these two valuable foods.

You can apply it on the skin or wounds since the two ingredients have powerful antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to remove wrinkles and age-related spots by combating free radicals in the skin.

6. Reduces Cholesterol Levels

Both honey and cinnamon seem to be effective in reducing the level of cholesterol in the body.

Research suggests that consuming honey aids in lowering cholesterol levels and helps to control blood sugar levels in individuals with Type 2 diabetes.

You can mix honey and cinnamon in the ratio 2:3 in tea water to form a paste. Studies have shown that consuming this mixture can help lower cholesterol levels by up to 10%.

7. Prevents Hair Loss

The cinnamon and honey combination can also help to prevent hair loss. You can mix cinnamon powder and honey in warm olive oil to form a paste.

Then apply it on the affected part of your hair for around 15 minutes before washing it off. Positive results will be experienced within a few weeks.

8. Aids in Weight Loss

Mixing honey and cinnamon in water and consuming this drink on a regular basis can also boost weight loss.

While this should not be a substitute for a balanced diet and regular exercise, this mixture can greatly help your weight loss efforts.

It can reduce food cravings, ease inflammation that can hinder weight loss and enable you to receive more nutrients from the foods you consume.

Again, keep in mind that the results will only be observed when you combine this remedy with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

9. Prevents Cancer

The phytochemicals present in honey have been found to prevent cancer. On the other hand, cinnamon has anti-tumor properties that help to reduce the spread of the tumor to other parts of the body.

Certain acids found in honey also inhibit the activity of phospholipase C and lipoxygenase, which have both been found to produce cancerous substances in the body.

10. Fights Bad Breath

Honey and its propolis help with fighting bad breath. Honey also has powerful anti-inflammatory attributes that aid in the healing of teeth and gums while keeping diseases and infections at bay.

Honey will also help to reduce the spread of bacteria in the mouth, which once they start to accumulate in the mouth, causes bad breath.

Gargling with cinnamon and honey mixed in lukewarm water can help improve your breath. For the best results, do this two to three times per week.


The benefits of cinnamon and honey include the ability to boost the immune system, improve the digestive system, enhance heart health, and maintain the health of the hair, skin, teeth, and bones, as well as encourage weight loss.

This wonderful combination has also shown to provide relief from arthritis pain and to prevent cancer.

Fortunately, this combination works well in a number of recipes, including glazes, marinades, and salad dressings. So get your creative juices flowing and enjoy these health benefits and many more!

We usually hear honey and cinnamon together only during the holiday seasons. Do you also use both all-year round?

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