7 Helpful Herbal Teas That Fight Flu

herbal teas that fight flu

Have you ever considered what would happen if tea isn’t around in the world? During the winter season, most of the people like to drink tea. There are also popular teas that fight flu.

Tea makes the symptom of cold manageable and helps you to get rid of the flu quickly. Tea is also helpful to the immune system and drinking it is very comforting during the winter season.

You can drink tea on a regular basis for prevention of flu or when you’re already caught up with a cold.

Herbal hot teas can also be used for aromatherapy. While the tea is hot, you can inhale its scent to clear clogged nose. The warm can also help with your sore throat.

Here are a list and some details about the best herbal teas that can fight flu.

1. Green Tea

The antioxidant Quercetin and L-theanine amino acid are present in green tea that plays a role in fighting the flu. Quercetin is actually an anti-viral agent that kills the virus causing flu.

It inhibits the viral replication in its initial replication stage. You should be aware though that green tea also contains caffeine so be wise and careful to drink green tea.

Caffeine daily consumption should not exceed the daily maximum dose which is 300 mg.

There may be some rare side effects of green tea like nausea, vomiting, depression, sleeping difficulty, and restlessness; these are dependent on the quantity consumed.

You can learn more about Green Tea health benefits here.

2. Elderberry Tea

It is also known as the elderflower. This herbal tea is used to treat infection of the upper respiratory system like flu. The compound present in the elderberry herb has anti-inflammatory properties.

It inhibits mucosal inflammations and hence gives relief from the congestion of nasal mucosa. This tea also appears to have anti-viral effects.

Purple and black elderberries help in boosting the immune system that helps to fight flu.

3. Echinacea Tea

You need to drink it as soon as your symptom of flu starts to appear. It reduces the duration of infection and also reduces the severity of the viral infection.

If you are living with someone who’s currently ill then it may be a good idea to start drinking echinacea tea as a preventive measure.

4. Licorice Root Tea

If you have a sore throat then it is very good to drink licorice root tea. It reduces inflammation that ultimately leads to reducing the swelling of throat mucosa.

Licorice also acts as an expectorant, it makes mucus expel from the bronchi and trachea. Along with the mucus, the inflammatory substances and infectious organisms are expelled from the respiratory tract.

It has a delicious flavor. A word of advice, its consumption in excess of like six cups in a day may be harmful. Excess quantity can cause throat pain.

Consuming licorice tea for more than a month can cause potassium loss and water retention. So it is good to drink Licorice tea only when you are infected with flu.

5. Ginger Tea

It gives a warming effect on the body and is very good to take if you are having chills from the fever. It also helps to relieve the gastric upset.

6. Clove Tea

It acts as an expectorant and helps in lungs congestion. It also helps in sinuses opening and relief from gastric upset.

7. Peppermint Tea

It contains methanol that breaks congestion and gives relief from congested sinus, headache, and nausea.


Ever since hundreds of years ago, tea has been used to calm and ease the body. It’s more commonly served as hot tea which is really good during cold seasons.

Why not replace your daily coffee with a good old herbal tea? Based on the health benefits it brings, it’s worth it.


  1. I have totally gotten into the herbal teas lately. I use one for stress but definitely need to look into these for immune system boosting!

  2. I love ginger tea and green tea. They are on the top of my list of favorites right after coffee. Ginger tea helps a lot with stomach aches. I make mine with freshly grated ginger root and with a little bit of honey.

  3. Awesome! This is very helpful info. I get sick a lot during flu season because of public transportation and this can help me beat it. 🙂

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