7 Best Herbal Teas For Sleep and Anxiety

Best Herbal Teas For Sleep and Anxiety

Yes, there is an herbal tea for sleep and anxiety. Several tea types help reduce anxiety, stress, and makes you sleep well.

Due to our daily activities, we become tired and the urge to sleep comes in. We also develop anxiety from time to time every day.

Drinking herbal tea can help reduce your anxiety and can even refresh your mind. Because of this, it can also help us sleep better. There are several kinds of herbal teas that we can use for this.

Here is our list of herbal teas that you can use to help you with your sleep and anxiety.

1. Peppermint Tea

It is a very nice smelling beverage that helps reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and support good sleep. This tea contains methanol in peppermint that is responsible for relaxation of body muscles.

Drinking peppermint tea helps your body to stay calm. It can also relieve stress. Both of these helps in giving you a good sleep.

Expectant mothers are advised to take caution because there were reports of negative effects on pregnant women drinking peppermint tea.

2. Chamomile Tea

The sleepless night might be caused by excessive stress and anxiety. Chamomile tea can be a remedy for this problem.

You can also take advantage of its other benefits like treating insomnia, assist in relaxing muscles, and reduce irritability.

3. Lemon Balm Tea

It is a calming herb that resides in the mint family. This tea is naturally mint flavored. Lemon flavored tea helps reduce the stress hormone known as cortisol causing your body to relax without the side effects of drowsiness.

Lemon balm tea’s calming effect can also get you in a better mood.

4. Passionflower Tea

It is another solution for stress and anxiety leading to a night of quiet sleep. Passion fruits contain flavone chrysin that reduces anxiety thus inducing deep sleep.

You should take caution if you’re taking medications or sedatives. You should first consult with your doctor. Expectant mothers should also stay away from this tea.

5. Green Tea

This is probably one of the most popular teas around the world.

It contains polyphenol that reduces anxiety thus letting one have a good night sleep. But if you’re very sensitive with caffeine and you want to sleep already, you may not want to drink green tea before sleeping.

You can learn more about green tea health benefits here.

6. Rose Tea

It has many advantages like reducing stress, fussiness, and anxiety. This is best taken before going to bed due to its calming effect and good sleep.

7. Ginger Tea

This tea is a great digestive aid. Ginger can be used to treat nausea, vomiting, and stomach upsets caused by motion sickness.

You create a special ginger tea by just adding a little honey and lemon juice. The combination will help you relax your body. This eases digestion and reduces anxiety to your body.

You can learn more about ginger health benefits here.


These are just some of the many herbal teas that you can use if you’re feeling a bit anxious or needs better sleep.

Green tea and ginger tea are the ones I use just because of how convenient it is to get it at the markets. Which herbal tea do you drink?

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