14 Amazing Health Benefits Of Guava

Amazing Health Benefits Guava

Let’s talk about guava and its health benefits today.

If you like tropical fruits, you should try guava too. It’s delicious and is used for several reasons like cooking and folk medicine.

Here is my list of the health benefits of guava. I’ve researched and collected these online for my reference. This may also be valuable to you.

1. Guava Is Filled With Nutrients

Both the fruit and leaves of guava contains different nutrients that your body needs.

You can find vitamins like vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin C, and vitamin K in guavas.

As for its minerals content, you can get calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc.

Guava also contains sugars, dietary fiber, protein, and lycopene.

2. Is A Good Source Of Antioxidants

Guava is one of those fruits that are very rich in vitamin C that can help boost your immune system. It is said that it even has 4 times higher vitamin C compared to your oranges.

A Food Chemistry Journal published study will tell you that the antioxidants you get from guava help defend your body from free radicals that are the major causes of serious health issues.

Drinking guava juice is a good delicious idea to slow down oxidative stress in your body.

3. Guava May Relieve Stress

Speaking of stress, consuming guava regularly may help you combat your daily stress.

It is rich in magnesium that is known to make your muscles and nerves relax.

Here is a study that tells you that magnesium may even be able to help you with your anxiety.

4. May Help Control Diabetes

A high level of dietary fiber in your body can help lower blood glucose levels.

And guava is excellent for this because it has high dietary fiber content.

A recent Journal of Ethnopharmacology published study on animals showed that guava may be able to help prevent type-2 diabetes.

More studies should still be conducted though because of limited tests done to only animals. Still, it’s promising that guava has this effect.

5. Guava Aids In Regulating Blood Pressure

It seems that most of the health benefits of guava stem from its high-fiber content.

As said earlier, guava is high in fiber and it is also hypoglycemic in nature. Both of these help in reducing your blood pressure.

A published study in the American Journal of Cardiology will tell you that guava helped decrease bad cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure in the participating group.

6. May Aid In Keeping Your Heart Healthy

There are different ways as to how guava can help keep your heart healthy.

The antioxidants and the vitamins in guava may help your heart fight free radicals.

Fiber and potassium are also linked to improved heart health which guava also has.

We’ve also mentioned before above that guava is able to regulate blood pressure which contributes to your heart health.

7. Guava Helps With Digestive Issues

Consuming guava can help you if you have diarrhea or dysentery.

This tropical fruit has astringent qualities that can add substance to loose bowels and lessen the symptoms of diarrhea.

As for dysentery, guava has antibacterial qualities and is alkaline in nature which can inhibit microbial growth in your intestines.

To add more, the other nutrients like vitamin C, carotenoids, and potassium can strengthen your digestive system.

Eating guava can also be good for other cases of gastroenteritis.

Guava can also help you if you’re suffering from constipation. This is because of guava’s high-fiber content again.

Looking for something good for your digestion to eat for breakfast? Try out triticale. I have an article about its health benefits here.

8. May Assist In Weight Loss

Guava is a low calorie and high in fiber fruit which is an excellent add on to your diet.

Not just that, it is also filled with different vitamins and minerals considering its size.

9. Guava Improves Cognitive Functions

Guava is a good source of B-complex vitamins that are good for your brain health.

Vitamin B3 is used to increase blood flow and stimulate cognitive functions.

Vitamin B6 is related to your brain and nerve functions.

10. Relieves Cough And Cold

An article in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology tells you that the guava leaf extract has anti-cough and antimicrobial properties.

It is able to reduce mucus and disinfect your respiratory tract, throat, and lungs. It can also inhibit microbial activity in the said areas.

The high vitamin C content and iron in guava also helps in preventing colds and other viral infections.

11. Guava Lessens Pain In Menstrual Cramps

There is another study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology that showed guava as a key agent in reducing the intensity of pain during menstrual cycles.

The test was conducted with 197 women who are experiencing painful menstrual symptoms. They were given guava leaf extracts daily.

The study concluded that this was more helpful than your normal painkillers.

12. Supports Skin Care

Guava can also be used to help you get healthier skin. You can both eat the fruit or use the decoction of guava leaves as bathwater.

This is probably because of guava’s antioxidants and detoxifying qualities.

It can help keep your skin glowing and reduce premature aging of your skin.

Guava’s antibacterial qualities are also helpful in treating acne problems.

13. Guava Supports In Healing Wounds

You can use guava leaves to heal wounds. It has antibacterial properties that can speed up the process of healing cuts and wounds.

Because of its antibacterial qualities, it also prevents infections on the affected skin.

14. Can Be Used For Dental Care

You can use guava leaves to improve your oral health.

The juice you get from guava leaves can help relieve toothaches, swollen gums, and oral ulcers.


Guava is very familiar to me because we have a guava tree in our backyard.

I like eating the fruits and whenever we’re sick or we have wounds, we boil the leaves and water and use it to clean the wound.

I must say that the guava tree has done a lot for us for many years now.

So for my favorite health benefit of guava, I’ll go with its healing effects on wounds since we’ve taken advantage of it many times already.

What do you think will you benefit the most from guava on my list?

Talk first with your doctor or medical professional if you’re unfamiliar with guava and is thinking of consuming it.

I don’t see any issues with eating guava since it’s a common tropical fruit but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Please share this article with someone you know who can benefit from it. Thank you!