11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Dandelion

Amazing Health Benefits Dandelion

Dandelion is a flowering plant that gives many health benefits if you consume it.

Here is a list of some of the health benefits of dandelion that I’ve collected after reading multiple articles online.

1. Dandelion Is Very Nutritious

You may be surprised that dandelions are edible. More surprising is that it contains quite a number of nutrients that you can benefit from.

Dandelion is rich in vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and folate.

It also contains a good amount of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

Dandelion is fiber-rich too.

2. Aids In Skin Care

Dandelion sap is used to treat different kinds of skin diseases that are caused by fungal and microbial infections.

It can be used to treat acne, bruises, eczema, itching, ringworm, and other skin conditions.

The effectiveness of the dandelion sap is probably because it is highly alkaline and antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

3. Dandelion Rich In Antioxidants

Dandelion has significant amounts of beta-carotene.

Beta-carotene is quite popular when it comes to protecting you against cellular damage and oxidative stress.

Although minimal in the flower, other parts of the dandelion are rich in polyphenols which is another form of antioxidants.

4. Improves Blood Pressure

There are different effects of dandelion that makes it good in lowering your blood pressure.

Dandelion is said to be diuretic so it helps flush out unwanted sodium and excess water in your body. Both can help improve your blood pressure.

It is also rich in fiber which is helpful against bad cholesterol. As a result, it relieves hypertension.

One more thing, the high potassium content of dandelion makes it very effective in lowering your blood pressure.

5. Dandelion May Have Anti-inflammatory Qualities

Because of different compounds like polyphenols in dandelion, it is said that it’s good in reducing inflammations.

Test-tube studies that were conducted showed dandelion compounds to reduce inflammation markers.

Most of the studies on how dandelion affects inflammation were conducted on test-tubes and animals.

More studies and research should still be done to conclusively say that it can significantly help us.

6. Helps Protect Your Bones

Dandelion is a good source of calcium. It’s said that it contains up to 10% of your daily recommended value of calcium.

Drinking dandelion tea can help strengthen your bones as well as prevent other illnesses caused by calcium deficiency.

An herb that’s similarly good in improving your bone density is mugwort. This is my article on the health benefits of mugwort that you might want to read too.

7. Dandelion May Help In Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

You can find both chicoric and chlorogenic acid in dandelion. These 2 bioactive compounds may be able to help reduce your blood sugar.

Test-tube studies have shown that the 2 compounds enhance the secretion of insulin in the pancreas. Researches also saw that they improve the absorption of glucose in your muscle tissues.

Similar to dandelion’s anti-inflammatory qualities, researches were done on test-tube and on animals. More studies should be done to see if it’s effective on humans.

8. May Help Reduce Cholesterol

In an animal study, mice were treated with dandelion extracts. Researches saw a significant decrease in cholesterol and triglyceride levels in mice.

Another study conducted this time on rabbits showed that the rabbits fed with dandelion leaves and dandelion roots showed notably reduced cholesterol levels.

Although these are animal studies, they still look promising as it can help people as well if proven highly effective for us.

9. Dandelion May Improve Liver Health

Researches who conducted studies on animals saw dandelion to have protective effects on the liver.

They’ve mentioned that this could be because of the antioxidants present in dandelion.

More animal studies showed that dandelion extract was able to lessen the excess fat stored in the liver.

As for its effects on the human liver, more studies should still be conducted on this.

10. May Help With Losing Weight

Although it is not the focus of research and study on animals, researchers noticed that there is some weight loss in animal subjects.

They’re theorizing that it could be because of dandelion’s effect of improving carbohydrate metabolism and fat absorption.

A different study on obese mice showed chlorgenic acid was able to reduce the levels of some fat-storage hormones.

Chlorgenic acid compounds can also be found in dandelions.

11. Dandelion May Treat Constipation

Dandelion is a good source of inulin.

Inulin is a prebiotic fiber that can significantly increase intestinal movement and reduce constipation.


I never knew that dandelions are edible and pack a lot of health benefits too.

I only saw them as ordinary flowering weed at the side of the road. The things I read changed everything I thought of dandelions.

What’s your favorite dandelion health benefit from my list?

As for me, although it does have anti-inflammatory qualities, more studies should still be conducted on it. I would go for its antioxidant content.

There may be instances that you can’t consume dandelion. Please speak first with your doctor or medical professional about it.

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