10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pennyroyal

Amazing Health Benefits Pennyroyal

It’s a good day to identify the several health benefits of pennyroyal.

Pennyroyal has traditionally been used to flavor herbal teas and meals with mint.

Here is a list of the health benefits of pennyroyal.

1. Pennyroyal May Improve Your Appetite

It has been noted that pennyroyal is a plant with the capacity to stimulate hunger and appetite, which may be beneficial in persons who exhibit minimal appetite.

2. May Be Good For Your Digestive System

Pennyroyal essential oil increased performance, organ weight, serum lipids, and intestinal morphology in an animal study published (Effect Of Pennyroyal, Savory And Thyme Essential Oils On Japanese Quail Physiology).

It improved intestinal nutrition absorption.

In folk medicine, pennyroyal has been used to aid digestion.

Its essential oil is said to have this effect as well, which stimulates the secretion of digestive fluids to aid with digesting.

To add more, this oil helps treat and soothe stomach issues when used in extremely small dosages.

It treats stomach infections, promotes the production of acids and bile in the stomach to maintain the acid-base balance there, as well as reduces inflammation and irritation in the digestive tract.

If you need a more common herb that may help you with your digestion, you can also check parsley.

Here’s my article about parsley’s health benefits.

3. Pennyroyal May Have Anti-inflammatory Properties

This herb’s oil has a long history of usage as a topical anti-inflammatory, especially when used on sore muscles and joints.

(A Comparison Of Traditional Anti-Inflammation And Anti-Infection Medicinal Plants)

Use a modest amount initially because topical discomfort is frequently experienced.

4. May Aid In Managing Arthritis

The depurative characteristic of this oil, as well as its numbing effect on the nerves and cordial and stimulating effects on blood circulation, make it an ideal combination as an anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritic treatment.

As a depurative, it increases the clearance of pollutants such as uric acid from the body, hence eliminating the primary cause of rheumatism.

The numbing action on the nerves also aids in the relief of rheumatism and arthritis pain.

Its warming or cordial action warms the afflicted area and provides a more comfortable feeling.

Finally, its stimulating action on blood circulation promotes blood flow to vital organ systems, delivering warmth to the affected areas and healing rheumatism and arthritis.

5. Pennyroyal May Treat Some Skin Problems

To treat eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, or any other skin condition, a pennyroyal tincture can be applied topically in moderation.

6. May Have Astringent Properties

Due to its astringent qualities, this oil has historically been used to strengthen gums.

This causes the gums to contract and tighten their grasp on the teeth.

Its astringency can also be felt in other parts of the body because it causes muscle contraction, pulls up loose hanging skin, lifts the face, and strengthens hair roots.

7. Pennyroyal May Have Antimicrobial Properties

According to research published (Antimicrobial Efficiency Of Essential Oils From Traditional Medicinal Plants), pennyroyal essential oil has potent antibacterial effects.

The antimicrobial and antibacterial characteristics of pennyroyal oil are the results of its toxicity.

It kills germs and bacteria, shielding us from diseases caused by them.

It also has antifungal properties.

8. May Be A Decongestant

Due to its toxicity, pennyroyal oil functions as an antiviral and treats lung infections.

Additionally, this encourages expectoration of the phlegm and catarrh deposits in the respiratory tracts and lungs.

In this sense, it functions as a decongestant for the respiratory system and lungs.

9. Pennyroyal May Have Antiseptic Properties

As a result of the bacteria infecting them, wounds and internal organs, especially those in the uterus, kidneys, and urinary tract may become infected and become septic.

Since pennyroyal oil destroys the bacteria or germs that cause sepsis, its highly toxic nature makes it an antiseptic.

However, because it is extremely toxic and irritating, this oil should only be used in very little dosages.

10. May Aid In Relaxing Your Body

Pennyroyal could have a little sedative effect.

It was once used to treat hysteria, and it might also assist people to overcome their sleep problems by calming their tensions.

Although there is some anecdotal evidence to the contrary, there are safer and more well-studied natural alternatives for treating stress and restlessness.


These are just a handful of the many advantages pennyroyal has for your health.

Due to this herb’s toxicity, I found a lot of warnings during my research.

Please always check with your doctor before using pennyroyal in any way. This is especially relevant if you are having health problems.

Pennyroyal is believed to be effective in the treatment of rheumatism and/or arthritis.

Because I suffer from arthritis, I consider this to be the most significant health benefit on the list.

Which of the aforementioned health benefits do you most need?

I’ve written several articles about the health advantages of various cooking herbs and spices. Discover more about them by checking here.

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