16 Amazing Health Benefits Of Clove

Amazing Health Benefits Clove

It’s a wonderful day to discover the health benefits of clove.

Cloves are used to add flavor to meats, curries, and marinades in Asian, African, Mediterranean, and Near and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Cloves are also commonly mixed with other ingredients such as lemon and sugar to add aroma and flavor to hot beverages.

Here is a list of the health benefits of clove.

1. Clove Is A Nutritious Spice

Clove is a high-nutrient spice.

It contains omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, minerals, and vitamins in abundance.

Iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, and calcium are among the minerals contained in clove.

Thiamin, riboflavin, Vitamin C, niacin, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, and vitamin D are all vitamins found in clove.

Clove contains antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and hepatoprotective biochemicals such as eugenol, ethanol, thymol, benzene, flavonoids, hexane, and methylene chloride, which add to its nutritional value.

2. Is Good For Your Hair

One of the benefits of cloves is that the oil is said to help grow and thicken hair as well as minimize baldness.

Another advantage of including clove in your health routine is that it can revitalize hair color and add natural shine.

3. Clove May Help Protect You From Stomach Ulcers

Clove extract and clove oil have been shown in animal experiments to boost gastric mucus production and protect against stomach ulcers.

Gastric mucus acts as a barrier, preventing the stomach lining from being eroded by digestive acids.

Though cloves and their components have anti-ulcer properties, more research on their effects on people is needed.

4. May Help Boost Your Immune System

Ayurveda claims that some plants can help develop and protect the immune system.

Clove is one of these plants.

Clove’s dried flower bud includes substances that can benefit the immune system by raising white blood cell count.

5. Clove Is Helpful With Digestion

This multi-nutrient spice, which is high in biochemicals, aids digestion by promoting the secretion of digestive enzymes.

It also helps with dyspepsia and nausea.

6. May Be Used As An Aphrodisiac

Spices like clove and nutmeg have been thought to have aphrodisiac effects since ancient times, according to Unani medicine.

Experiments with clove and nutmeg extracts were compared to typical medications used for this purpose, and both clove and nutmeg yielded positive outcomes.

7. Clove May Help Keep Your Liver Healthy

Some studies show that cloves and the compounds they contain may help reduce oxidative stress and protect the liver.

The compound eugenol may be especially beneficial for the liver.

One animal study fed rats with fatty liver disease mixtures containing either clove oil or eugenol.

(Protective Effect Of Clove Oil And Eugenol Microemulsions On Fatty Liver And Dyslipidemia As Components Of Metabolic Syndrome)

Both mixtures improved liver function, reduced inflammation, and decreased oxidative stress.

Unfortunately, research on the liver-protecting effects of cloves and eugenol in humans is limited.

8. Has Antibacterial Qualities

Clove extracts are efficient against the bacterium that causes cholera.

Furthermore, the buds are known to have high antibacterial characteristics capable of killing human pathogens.

9. Clove Is A Good Source Of Antioxidants

In addition to other key vitamins and minerals, cloves are high in antioxidants, such as eugenol, which can help with oxidative stress reduction.

Eugenol reduced oxidative damage caused by free radicals five times more effective than vitamin E, another powerful antioxidant, according to a test-tube study.

More information about this study can be found here (Assessment Of Antioxidant Activity Of Eugenol In Vitro And In Vivo).

10. May Help With Your Respiratory Concerns

Cloves have various health benefits, including acting as an expectorant, and loosening mucus in the esophagus and throat so we can cough it out.

It also has antibacterial capabilities that fight germs that cause throat infections and chest congestion.

Cicely is another herb that can aid with respiratory issues. My article on Cicely’s health advantages can be found here.

11. Clove May Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Cloves have been demonstrated to help increase insulin synthesis and reduce blood sugar levels in test tubes and animals.

In a study on mice with diabetes, clove extract was found to help reduce blood sugar spikes.

(Hypoglycemic Effects Of Clove)

Another study looked at the effects of clove extract and nigericin, a chemical present in cloves, on human muscle cells and diabetic mice in test tubes and animals.

Cloves and nigericin were discovered to boost sugar uptake from the circulation into cells, increase insulin secretion, and improve the function of insulin-producing cells.

Cloves, when combined with a healthy diet, may help keep blood sugar levels in check.

12. May Help Reduce Stress

To reduce stress, ancient Ayurveda recommends combining clove with basil, mint, and crushed cardamom in warm water.

You can also add honey to the mixture.

Alternatively, to get through a full day at work, combine clove essential oil with lavender essential oil in a diffuser at night.

13. Clove Can Help Improve Oral Health

Cloves’ antibacterial qualities, which may help eliminate harmful germs, have been shown in studies to benefit oral health.

The chemicals isolated from cloves were found to inhibit the growth of two types of bacteria that cause gum disease in a test tube investigation.

(Compounds From Syzygium Aromaticum Possessing Growth Inhibitory Activity Against Oral Pathogens)

Another 40-person trial looked at the effects of a herbal mouthwash that included tea tree oil, cloves, and basil.

They saw improvements in gum health as well as the amount of plaque and germs in their mouth after using the herbal mouthwash for 21 days.

The antibacterial properties of cloves may assist your oral health when combined with frequent brushing and adequate oral hygiene.

14. May Help Treat Minor Cuts And Wounds

Clove oil has antiseptic characteristics and can be administered topically to cuts, wounds, fungal infections, and athlete’s foot.

Before applying, make sure the affected region is clean.

If the infection has already spread, get medical care immediately.

Just to remind you, cloves’ health advantages are not meant to take the place of medical therapy.

15. Clove May Help Promote Healthy Bones

Clove extract and manganese have been shown in animal experiments to help enhance bone mineral density.

In animal experiments, some of the chemicals in cloves have been proven to help preserve bone mass.

In one animal trial, high-eugenol clove extract reduced numerous markers of osteoporosis while also increasing bone density and strength.

(Clove Extract Rich In Eugenol And Eugenol Derivatives Shows Bone-Preserving Efficacy)

Cloves are also high in manganese, with 1 teaspoon of ground cloves providing 30 percent of the daily value.

Manganese is an essential mineral for bone health since it is involved in bone production.

In 12-week animal research, ingesting manganese supplements enhanced bone mineral density and bone development.

16. May Help Treat Certain Skin Conditions

This medicinal herb is known for its powerful numbing properties.

The spice not only helps to control acne breakouts on the skin, but it may also be used to cure blemishes, scars, and bacteria that cause skin problems.

Clove and its extracts are commonly used in acne-fighting face packs, massage creams, and other cosmetic treatments.


These are only a few of clove’s health benefits.

I like that it can help to enhance your immune system. This is especially useful during pandemics.

What are your thoughts? Which health benefit are you most in need of?

If you’re thinking of taking clove as a health supplement, check with your doctor first.

Other culinary herbs and spices can also provide a variety of health benefits. More of them can be found here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and remember to remain safe!

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