16 Amazing Health Benefits Of Anise

Amazing Health Benefits Anise

It’s a beautiful day to talk about the many health benefits of anise.

A common use of anise is in cooking. You should be able to find plenty of anise recipes online.

Also, anise is used for making liquor and traditional medicine.

Here is my list of the most amazing health benefits of anise.

  1. May Be Rich In Nutrients
  2. May Help Improve Digestion
  3. May Have Antidepressant Properties
  4. May Be Good For Some Skin Problems
  5. May Treat Stomach Ulcers
  6. May Benefit Your Heart
  7. May Be A Gentle Diuretic
  8. May Stimulate Your Appetite And Helps You Gain Weight
  9. May Have Potent Antimicrobial Properties
  10. May Help Relieve Menopause Symptoms
  11. May Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels
  12. May Help With Inflammations And Pain
  13. May Help With Your Sleep
  14. May Be Used As An Expectorant
  15. May Improve Oral Health
  16. May Have Aphrodisiac Qualities

Please continue reading to get more details about these.

1. Anise May Be Rich In Nutrients

First and foremost, anise is rich in different kinds of nutrients.

Anise contains calcium, copper, fat, fiber, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, protein, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

2. Anise Seed May Help Improve Digestion

The herb anise is particularly beneficial to the digestive system.

It is an effective treatment for digestive disorders since it improves digestive characteristics.

It gives treatment for all digestive illnesses as well as an assurance of a well-maintained digestive system.

Taking anise works well for stomach pain, diarrhea, gas, gastritis, nausea, spasmodic flatulence, and vomiting.

It also serves as an appetite stimulant.

3. Anise May Have Antidepressant Properties Is Another Health Benefit

Research has shown that anise seed may help people with depression symptoms.

In a study with mice, anise was found to have powerful antidepressant properties.

The effect was comparable to common medications that are used to treat depression.

Another study with a controlled group has shown that consuming the essential oil of anise three times a day greatly decreases the symptoms of mild to moderate depression.

4. May Be Good For Some Skin Problems

The oil obtained from the star anise plant is also used to treat skin problems.

Traditionally, the oil has been used topically to treat mild forms of acne.

Furthermore, star anise oil is poisonous to a variety of insects, and it has been used to treat scabies and lice infections.

Even though star anise may help with some skin conditions, you should never apply pure star anise oil to your skin because it can cause serious irritation.

To reduce the risk of discomfort, the oil should always be diluted with lotion.

5. Anise May Treat Stomach Ulcers

A limited study found that anise seed extracts may be able to treat or reduce the symptoms of stomach ulcers.

Among these symptoms are indigestion and nausea.

6. One Of The Health Benefits Of Anise Is That It May Benefit Your Heart

Anise oil helps to keep blood pressure in check. It reduces the amount of pressure on the heart.

The oil can improve blood flow and keep the heart healthy and balanced because it is detoxifying.

The oil energizes and maintains the heart’s vibrancy.

Individuals with low blood pressure should avoid using the oil because it may cause their blood pressure to drop even further.

7. Anise May Be A Gentle Diuretic (Some Say That This Is A Possible Side Effect)

If you need a natural laxative, you should try consuming anise.

A study with individuals who have chronic constipation has shown that using anise worked well as a laxative.

Besides being able to poop better, it can also help you release excess urine.

8. This Herb May Stimulate Your Appetite And Helps You Gain Weight

If you’re having problems gaining weight because you lack appetite, you may want to try drinking anise tea.

Anise tea is a good tonic for your digestive system and can stimulate your appetite.

It can also calm your stomach, which helps it digest the food better.

Like anise, another amazing herb that’s good for digestion is fennel. Here is my article on fennel’s health benefits that you might also want to read.

9. May Have Potent Antimicrobial Properties

There are test-tube studies that show anise seed prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Anise seed contains anethole, which can inhibit bacterial growth.

In another test-tube study, anethole was able to block a specific strain of bacteria that causes cholera.

These are fantastic medicinal effects of anise, but more studies on this in humans should still be made to make the results more concrete and viable.

10. May Help Relieve Menopause Symptoms

If you’re experiencing menopausal symptoms like dry skin, fatigue, and hot flashes, you may want to consume more anise seeds.

It would seem that an anise seed can replicate the effect of estrogen in your body. This helps reduce some symptoms of menopause.

There are also compounds in anise that can prevent some bone loss. This is another symptom of menopause.

However, the studies are conducted on rats, so more research should be done if it has the same effect on humans.

11. One Of The Anise Seeds Benefits Is That It May Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

More interesting about anethole is that it may be able to keep blood sugar levels in check.

A study conducted on rats that have diabetes showed a reduced blood sugar level after consuming anise.

Anethole in anise was also able to improve the function of the pancreas, which produces insulin.

As mentioned above, more studies should still be conducted since these studies were done on rats and concentrated amounts of anethole were used.

12. Anise Essential Oil May Help With Inflammations And Pain

The antioxidant content of anise seeds helps in dealing with inflammation.

This was seen after conducting test tube and animal studies. A study in rats showed reduced pain and swelling when anise seed oil was used.

It’s been said that anise oil is a natural painkiller.

Besides utilizing anise seed oil, you can also try making a paste or poultice from anise seed powder.

People who are suffering from arthritis attacks like me may want to delve into this more. This is the main medicinal use of herbs that I look for.

13. Anise Tea May Help With Your Sleep

Drinking anise tea after eating and before going to bed will help you sleep better.

To make the anise tea tastier, you may want to add some honey. This also makes it a more amazing herbal tea.

14. Anise Extracts May Be Used As An Expectorant

Surprisingly, anise can enhance your respiratory health.

It may help loosen phlegm in your throat and lungs.

It can also relax the respiratory system to make breathing easier for you.

Anise has moderate expectorant properties that are helpful against asthma, bronchitis, common colds, pneumonia, and sinusitis.

15. Use Anise To Improve Your Oral Health

Because of anise’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it is good to use it as a mouthwash.

It can deal with bad breath and swelling of the gums.

You may want to use ground anise seed concoctions as breath fresheners.

16. May Have Aphrodisiac Qualities

Anise seeds seem to be able to improve your sexual drive and health. It may improve your libido.

Before going to bed with your partner, you can drink a glass of water that has been infused with crushed anise seeds.

This may make your night more fun!


I didn’t know that the health benefits of anise were this amazing. I only knew about the star anise that my parents used in cooking.

I’m surprised that it also has pain management and anti-inflammatory properties that can help with my arthritis issues.

This will probably be my favorite health benefit choice listed above.

Which health benefit do you think you’ll need most from consuming anise?

If you’re unfamiliar with anise and would like to consume it for its health benefits, you should first ask for advice from your doctor or your health professional.

There may be instances when you’re not allowed to consume anise for medical reasons.

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